Who was the only man to play for both Manchester United and Manchester City?

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Who was the only man to play for both Manchester United and Manchester City?

Equally, ex-Manchester United heroes Mark Hughes and Steve Coppell also played for one side and managed the other later on. Ernest Mangnall was the only manager ever to manage both United and City in the early 20th Century. Clearly, you can play for arch rivals and still keep your kneecaps.

How many times did Billy Meredith play for Manchester United?

However, in 1890-91, Bob played for Manchester United and then transferred to City in 1891 until 1896. Billy Meredith – City 1894-1906. Billy played 339 times in the blue and again in 1921-24, when he played a further 28 times. For United, he amassed 303 appearances between 1906 and 1921.

Who is the best man City Player of all time?

City won the Manchester derby at home and drew at Old Trafford that season to maintain Schmeichel’s undefeated record in the clash. Another of the treble winning team, Schmeichel is regarded as the best keeper United ever had. Carlos Tevez – The man who can do no wrong wherever he goes.

How many players have played for Man City?

But it happens, and it happens with all clubs that absolutely detest a deadly rival. Newcastle and Sunderland, Liverpool and Everton, Celtic and Rangers, West Ham and Millwall – players play for the enemy! Over the last century, 29 players have worn both the blue shirts of City and the red of United, and lived to tell the tale.

Who is Manchester United’s best player?

Charlton has to be the greatest Manchester United player of all time. Most goals ever scored by a united player, and was crucial in seeling United as a superpower in the 60’s. Was a perfect attacking midfield, that was strong, could dribble and a powerful finishing ability. By far the best.

What are the names of all Manchester United players?

  • but not one player who you can point out and say: ‘he is their rock.’
  • Isco. In recent times Isco has seemed to have had a few issues with the new Real Madrid head coach Santiago Solari.
  • Kalidou Koulibaly.
  • Antoine Griezmann.
  • Douglas Costa.
  • Mauro Icardi.

    Who is the most popular player in Manchester United history?

    David Beckham is one of the most popular Manchester United players of all time. David Beckham was arguably the most popular player of his generation during his time. Given his exquisite skill with the ball on the pitch, he was known as a style icon off it.

    Who is the goalie for Manchester United?

    David de Gea Quintana (Spanish pronunciation: [daˈβið ðe ˈxea kinˈtana]; born 7 November 1990) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Manchester United and the Spain national team.