What is the name of polymer insulator?

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What is the name of polymer insulator?

Polymer Disc insulator, Composite Disc insulator, Suspention insulator, Long rod insulator are different names of Disc insulator.

What is porcelain insulators?

Porcelain insulators are made from clay, quartz or alumina and feldspar, and are covered with a smooth glaze to shed water. Insulators made from porcelain rich in alumina are used where high mechanical strength is a criterion. Porcelain has a dielectric strength of about 4–10 kV/mm.

Are porcelain insulators still used?

Because of these advantages, many utilities have switched from porcelain insulators to polyethylene insulators in the decades since their invention, but many are still using porcelain or just considering a switch.

What are 4 types of insulators?

Types of Insulators

  • Pin Insulator.
  • Suspension Insulator.
  • Strain Insulator.
  • Shackle Insulator.
  • Post-Insulator.
  • Stay Insulator.
  • Disc Insulator.

What are three types of insulators?

List the Different Types of Insulators

  • Suspension insulators.
  • Pin insulators.
  • Strain Insulators.
  • Stay Insulators.
  • Shackle Insulators.

Who is the manufacturer of polymer line insulators?

Rashtriya Electrical is a well-renowned company and is indulge in the business of over-head line insulator form 1969. We are an approved vendor in most Discom’s in India also supplied material in different part of Africa. Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier, Trading Company of Polymer Insulators based in Delhi, India.

Which is the best type of insulator to use?

Other Types of Insulators. 1 Polymer Insulator. These insulators are composed of fiberglass rod and enclosed with polymer weather sheds. These are low in weight compare with 2 Glass Insulator. 3 Long Rod Insulator.

What kind of polymer is a composite insulator made of?

It is consist of a fiberglass core rod covered by weathersheds of skirts of polymer such as silicone rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, EPDM (ethylene propylene dienemonomer) and equipped with metal end fittings. It is also called composite insulators, which means made of at least two insulating parts – a core and housing equipped with end fittings.

What are the ratings of silicone rubber insulators?

We offer silicone rubber and porcelain insulators. The range consist of porcelain capped and uncapped insulators rated from 11-33kV. The range consist of porcelain station post insulators rated from 11-275kV. The range consist of polymer longrod insulators rated from 11-132kV. Various end fittings can be applied as per customers requirements.