When were Callaway X2 Hot irons released?

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When were Callaway X2 Hot irons released?

January 17, 2014
The X2 Hot line of products will be available on January 17, 2014 at golf retailers worldwide and on www.CallawayGolf.com. “With the X2 Hot line, we challenged ourselves to reinvent each product to meaningfully improve distance, speed and forgiveness across every category,” said Dr.

Are Callaway X2 Hot irons forgiving?

Callaway X2 Hot irons offer more forgiveness, more ball speed and more distance. High MOI along with a repositioned centre of gravity and improved turf interaction have helped improve the downrange consistency by as much as 40%, easily making these the most accurate long distance irons Callaway has ever designed.

How old is Callaway X2 hot?

In fact, Callaway say the X2 Hot is 9 yards longer than the original X Hot driver, thanks to a thinner face, larger sweet spot and improved head shape….Callaway X2 Hot Driver – Product Details.

UK Launch 17 January 2014
Shaft Types Graphite
Shaft Flex Ladies, Regular, Stiff
Shaft Weight 55.5 or 58 grams

Are Callaway X2 Hot irons game improvement?

Under the Max Game-Improvement category, this piece is one of the few to actually allow room for creative striking. Its graceful sole plays nice within the greens. X2 Hot irons are a great follower of motion and intention. Simply, you can expect accuracy and a little forgiveness playing with these clubs.

What year did the Callaway RAZR Hawk driver come out?

Before you buy, you’ll want to make sure you’ve done what you can to ensure that a Callaway RAZR Hawk driver would be the right driver for you. RAZR is one of Callaway’s new lines of clubs, introduced in February 2011. It begins with the Callaway RAZR Hawk driver and includes fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges.

How big is the Callaway X2 hot iron set?

Callaway X2 Hot Iron Set 4-PW Callaway X2 Hot Graphite Regular Right Handed 38.5in Club Loft Lie Length 3 18° 59.75° 39.5” 4 20.5° 60.5° 38.875” 5 23° 61.25° 38.25” 6 26° 62° 37.625

What are the benefits of a Callaway hot iron?

The Callaway X2 Hot Irons provide improved distance and forgiveness for players of many different abilities. Increased cavity stability yields a more forgiving feel, leading to greater shot consistency.

What happens to single irons on a golf course?

20% Off! 20% Off! We lose single irons on the golf course, it just happens. In most cases, single irons are returned to the pro shop where it can eventually be retrieved but in some instances, single irons seem to disappear. We have an inventory of single irons that can help make your set complete once again.