What was the effect of the First Opium War?

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What was the effect of the First Opium War?

The British did not comply and this led to the first opium war between China and Britain.

Why did China go to war with England over opium?

However, China got into a conflict with England over opium trade, as they wished England to stop opium exportation to China due to its negative influence opium had in China. The British did not comply and this led to the first opium war between China and Britain.

What did William Gladstone say about the Opium War?

As a member of Parliament, Gladstone called it “most infamous and atrocious” referring to the opium trade between China and British India in particular. Gladstone was fiercely against both of the Opium Wars Britain waged in China: the First Opium War initiated in 1840 and the Second Opium War initiated in 1857.

Who was the British leader during the Opium War?

China: The first Opium War and its aftermath. In February 1840 the British government decided to launch a military expedition, and Elliot and his cousin, George (later Sir George) Elliot, were appointed joint plenipotentiaries to China (though the latter, in poor health, resigned in November).

What were the results of the Opium War?

The Opium Wars were a series of skirmishes between China and several Western nations, most notably England. These wars are sometimes also referred to collectively as the Anglo -Chinese War. The end result of the Opium Wars was the forcible opening of China to trade, and the lasting humiliation of the Chinese government and Chinese people.

How did the Opium War impact China?

The Opium War greatly weakened the Manchu rule, and this, coupled with a collapsed economy, resulted in swelling poverty over the country. This gave rise to social chaos and insurrections. The Opium War also caused Chinese officials and intellectuals to rethink China’s social and political system.

What is the Second Opium War?

Second Opium War. The Second Opium War (Chinese: 第二次鴉片戰爭; pinyin: Dì’èrcì Yāpiàn Zhànzhēng), also known as the Second Anglo-Chinese War, the Second China War, the Arrow War, or the Anglo-French expedition to China, was a war pitting the United Kingdom and the French Empire against the Qing dynasty of China, lasting from 1856 to 1860.

Who won the First Opium War?

Great Britain won the first Opium War. The opium trade continued, and China had to compensate Great Britain for its losses, give Hong Kong Island to the British, and increase the number of treaty ports where the British could trade and reside.