What is hitch guidance with hitch view?

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What is hitch guidance with hitch view?

Hitch Guidance with Hitch View† displays a guideline on the Rear Vision Camera view when you’re in Reverse to help line up your hitch to your trailer and offers a close-up Hitch View. When driving, Hitch Guidance with Hitch View allows you to briefly check your trailer using the Rear Vision Camera view.

Are trailer hitches permanent?

Hitches. A trailer hitch is a device which attaches directly to a tow vehicle providing the connection between the tow vehicle and the trailer. Hitch installations are most often considered permanent.

What is GMC tow package?

The GMC Max Trailering Package can include an automatic locking rear differential, a Handling/Trailering Suspension Package, a trailer brake controller and much more. If you’d like your 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 to max out its towing capability, you definitely want to consider including the GMC Max Trailering Package.

What is Chevy hitch guidance?

Hitch guidance is a back-up style camera pointed at the hitch and a straight orange line extending 10 feet or so to show you where to aim.

What happens if trailer hitch is too low?

If your hitch is too low, it’s going to put a lot of strain on the back of your car. The back bumper could be bent and damaged by this weight and pressure, plus the weight will not be evenly distributed throughout your tow vehicle.

Which is the best trailer hitch to buy?

1. EAZ LIFT 48069 Elite Kit 2. Husky Center Line TS with Spring Bars 3. CURT 14301 Class 4 Trailer Hitch 4. Pro Series 49901 Reese 5. Equal-i-zer Four-point Sway Control Hitch 6. CURT 17063 MV Weight Distribution Hitch 7. Ultra-Fab 35-946403 Trailer Hitch Receiver 8. Fastway 10K Round Bar e2 94-00-1061

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