How do you present data analysis in PowerPoint?

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How do you present data analysis in PowerPoint?

Presenting data in PowerPoint in visual and effective ways

  1. Consider your options. First, it’s important just to know what your options are for presenting data.
  2. Go beyond PowerPoint.
  3. Mix it up.
  4. Keep it simple.
  5. Be original.
  6. Use images.
  7. Highlight the important stuff.

How do you present data in a presentation?

10 Tips for Presenting Data

  1. Recognize that presentation matters.
  2. Don’t scare people with numbers.
  3. Maximize the data pixel ratio.
  4. Save 3D for the movies.
  5. Friends don’t let friends use pie charts.
  6. Choose the appropriate chart.
  7. Don’t mix chart types for no reason.
  8. Don’t use axes to mislead.

How do you get PowerPoint to read text while presenting?

Enable Text to Speech in PowerPoint: Select “More Commands”. The “PowerPoint Options” menu will open and the Quick Access Toolbar commands display by default. From the “Choose command from:” drop-down menu, select “All Commands”. Scroll down and select “Speak”.

How do you present data analysis?


  1. Acknowledge your tests and testing processes. Clarify all of the tests you performed and why you performed them.
  2. Explain how you gather the data.
  3. Make graphs and charts.
  4. Come up with your collusions and then present how they differ.
  5. Make a list of your sources.
  6. Define your sample set.

How do you present a data analysis report?

When writing your report, organization will set you free. A good outline is: 1) overview of the problem, 2) your data and modeling approach, 3) the results of your data analysis (plots, numbers, etc), and 4) your substantive conclusions. Describe the problem. What substantive question are you trying to address?

How do you display data effectively?

10 useful ways to visualize your data (with examples)

  1. Indicator. If you need to display one or two numeric values such as a number, gauge or ticker, use the Indicators visualization.
  2. Line chart.
  3. Bar chart.
  4. Pie chart.
  5. Area chart.
  6. Pivot table.
  7. Scatter chart.
  8. Scatter map / Area map.

What are the 5 tips for better data presentation?

Summary of 5 tips for better data presentation:

  • Put your conclusion on the title.
  • Highlight your inference.
  • Use images to make your message more memorable.
  • Use visual representation of numbers.
  • Present information in stages.

Do Screen readers read PowerPoint notes?

Screen reader content Use PowerPoint with your keyboard and a screen reader to add and read speaker notes in your PowerPoint presentation. We’ve tested it with Narrator and JAWS, but it might work with other screen readers as long as they follow common accessibility standards and techniques.

How do you share a PowerPoint without showing notes?

Turn off Presenter view before a presentation begins

  1. On the PowerPoint menu, select Preferences.
  2. In the PowerPoint Preferences dialog box, under Output and Sharing, click Slide Show.
  3. In the Slide Show dialog box, clear the Always start Presenter View with 2 displays check box.
  4. Close the dialog box.

How do you present data in a meaningful way?

  1. 1) Make sure your data can be seen.
  2. 2) Focus most on the points your data illustrates.
  3. 3) Share one — and only one — major point from each chart.
  4. 4) Label chart components clearly.
  5. 5) Visually highlight “Aha!” zones.
  6. 6) Write a slide title that reinforces the data’s point.
  7. 7) Present to your audience, not to your data.

How do you begin to interpret data?

There are four steps to data interpretation: 1) assemble the information you’ll need, 2) develop findings, 3) develop conclusions, and 4) develop recommendations. The following sections describe each step. The sections on findings, conclusions, and recommendations suggest questions you should answer at each step.

What kind of data can you show in a PowerPoint?

Graphs and charts can show data such as financial figures, accounting data and sales numbers for example. You can organize this data in your slides using a variety of layouts, slide types and transitions.

What makes a good data slide for a presentation?

“Data slides aren’t really about the data. They’re about the meaning of the data,” explains presentation design expert Nancy Duarte. “It’s up to you to make that meaning clear before you click away. Otherwise, the audience won’t process — let alone buy — your argument.”

Are there any free PowerPoint templates for data presentation?

These 20 free PowerPoint and Google Slides templates for data presentations will help you cut down your preparation time significantly. You’ll be able to focus on what matters most – ensuring the integrity of your data and its analysis. We’ll take care of the design end for you!

What can you do with a PowerPoint presentation?

Using a PowerPoint presentation, you can effectively convey this data in an interesting and engaging manner. PowerPoint allows the use of graphs, charts, and tables that can be exported from other sources such as Word and Excel. Furthermore, you can insert pre-created images such as infographics or pictograms.