What percentage of Indian population uses social media?

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What percentage of Indian population uses social media?

According to the statistics, the number of social media users began to rise, the annual growth in active social media users is 31.2% with more than 78 million new users added last year….Top Social Media Platforms in India 2021.

Platform Percentage
Facebook 75.70%
Instagram 70.60%
Twitter 50.60%
LinkedIn 37.70%

What percent of the population uses social media?

70% of the US population has active social media accounts, with a year-on-year growth rate of 3.1% from 2019-2020. An original record of the US market size was 5% in 2005, growth in the US took just under 6 years to penetrate 50% of America’s population in 2011.

What percentage of youth use social media in India?

It is interesting to note that the age group that dominates most of these social networking platforms are teenagers. Teens and adolescents in the age group 13-19 years, constitute 31% of total social media users in India (Statista, 2021). Facebook and Instagram are mainly used by the age group 18-24 years in India.

What percentage of Indian population uses Facebook?

In line with this growth in users, Facebook penetration rate in India is expected to jump from almost 15 percent in 2016 to around 23 percent in 2021.

What percentage of Indians use the internet?

Despite the large base of internet users, the internet penetration rate in the country stood at around 50 percent in 2020. This meant that around half of the 1.37 billion Indians had access to internet that year.

What social media do Indians use the most?

As of 2020, India had the highest number of Facebook users across the globe with close to 300 million users. As data packs get cheaper and internet becomes more accessible, more Indians are embracing the digital lifestyle.

Which state in India use social media the most?

At a state level, NCT of Delhi has registered the highest internet penetration followed by Kerala, J&K, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab. States in the east of India except for Assam and North East, have low internet penetration.

Which country has highest Facebook users?

There are over 340 million Facebook users in India alone, making it the leading country in terms of Facebook audience size. To put this into context, if India’s Facebook audience were a country then it would be ranked third in terms of largest population worldwide.

How much does Facebook earn in India?

It is estimated that Facebook Group’s India revenues stood at more than Rs 9,000 crore (around $1.2 billion) in 2020-21, against Rs 6,613 crore in the previous fiscal.