Which country has 228 code?

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Which country has 228 code?


+1 USA and Canada
+227 Niger
+228 Togo (Togolese Republic)
+229 Benin
+230 Mauritius

Where is the 228 area code in United States?

Area code 228 is the North American telephone area code that covers the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, serving the three counties in the state’s southeastern tip: Jackson, Harrison and Hancock.

What does 00 before a phone number mean?

00 is the International access code – that is, you dial it at the start of a call to another country. All such calls are charged at international rates, except for calls from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland. The code 000 was previously used to indicate an international ISDN data call.

What area code is 00?

International Dialling Codes

Country Country Code International Prefix
Antarctica +672
Antigua +1-268 011
Argentina +54 00
Armenia +374 00

What is Togo phone number?

Togo/Dialing codes

What is the official language of Togo?

Togo/Official languages

The official language is French, although it is not widely spoken outside of business and government. Widely spoken indigenous languages belong to the Niger-Congo language family and include Ewe in the south and Kabiye in the north.

What countries number starts with 00?

Some countries use the 00 prefix which is followed by the international carrier code….Example.

Call placed from Number dialed IDD Prefix
Any country following the ITU-recommendation e.g. All European Union members, China, India 00 64 3 477 4000 00

How do I find out my Togo number?

Dial *505*4*2# to check your Tigo phone number. This also depends on the customer geographical location. The Tigo number shortcode can also include 100 which Tigo customer care number which you can call to inquire your number and other services. To check the balance dial * 124#.