Did Trish Stratus date Jeff Hardy?

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Did Trish Stratus date Jeff Hardy?

#5 Jeff Hardy and Trish Stratus Long-term WWE viewers may remember that the company planted the seeds for a possible on-screen romance between Jeff Hardy and Trish Stratus on two occasions in the early 2000s. However, Jeff was fired shortly after, bringing an early end to the storyline.

What happened to Trish from WWE?

Trish Stratus is retired from WWE. While most of Stratus’ life is centered around her family, she has continued to work as well. She has her own yoga studio in Canada called Stratusphere. She has also acted in several films since retiring, including the 2015 feature Gridlocked.

What year did Trish Stratus join WWE?

Stratus’ reputation as one of the greatest females in sports-entertainment history did not come easily though. First achieving success as a fitness model, she entered WWE in March 2000 as a manager, leading the careers of Test, Albert and Val Venis.

What are WWE Divas called now?

Since then, the WWE dropped the term “diva” and now calls both women and male professional wrestlers “superstars,” McMahon said. The WWE reality show Total Divas, which portrays the semi-real lives of some of its female entertainers, still carries the diva term in its title, McMahon said.

Who is Trish Stratus in World Wrestling Entertainment?

Patricia Anne Stratigeas, also known as Trish Stratus, is a former valet and wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

When did Trish Stratus win Diva of the decade?

She then earned the highest honor by winning the “Diva of the Decade” award for the WWE Raw 10th Anniversary Special. Trish Stratus continued to be an asset on WWE Raw for several years by getting herself involved in major story lines with several WWE wrestlers.

Who is the greatest WWE Diva of all time?

Trish Stratus might be the greatest Diva to ever set foot inside a WWE ring. Gorgeous, powerful and talented, the Canadian beauty was easy on the eyes but tough on opponents.

Who are the female wrestlers in the WWE?

Patricia Anne Stratigeas, better known as Trish Stratus, is marketed as a former wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Before she became a mainstay in professional wrestling, she was a student at York University in Toronto, Canada.