What is ProSystem FX engagement?

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What is ProSystem FX engagement?

ProSystem fx Engagement is a complete paperless workpaper solution. As part of the CCH ProSystem fx suite of products, ProSystem fx Engagement shares information with the tax preparation, research, document management, time and billing and professional guidance software tools in the CCH suite.

Who owns CCH Engagement?

CCH, formerly Commerce Clearing House, is a provider of software and information services for tax, accounting and audit workers. Since 1995 it has been a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer.

Is CCH Engagement cloud based?

CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement Our cloud-based delivery also means that your auditors have access to CCH ProSystem fx Engagement no matter where they’re working (such as at a client site).

What is CCH ProSystem?

A product of Wolter Kluwer Tax and Accounting, CCH ProSystem fx Tax is an efficient tax solution that automates the tax process. According to the 2019 tax software survey conducted by the Journal of Accounting and The Tax Adviser, the ProSystem fx Suite was voted the best tax solution for a firm size of 21-100.

What is CCH Axcess Financial Prep?

CCH Axcess Financial Prep is the most innovative solution available for preparing business tax return financial balances quickly, and it offers direct integration with Xero™ and QuickBooks® Online. With this technology, you’ll “Axcess” greater innovation, quality and client service.

What is an engagement binder?

Binders store and organize client workpapers for any type of engagement, such as a tax return or an audit.

How do I roll forward a tax return on ProSystem FX?

To Pro Forma a return, do the following:

  1. Open Production Processing.
  2. Click Process Pro Forma.
  3. Select Create Pro Forma.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select the tax year that you want to roll forward from the Tax Year list.
  6. Select the values from the remaining lists to filter your results or enter the client ID in Client ID box.
  7. Click OK.

How do I take over my Workpaper engagement?

Click on the Workpaper tab, and select the Take over this workpaper as Current Editor box at the bottom of the Workpaper Properties dialog.

  1. If you are the Current Editor, the Take over this workpaper as Current Editor box does not display.
  2. If the box is grayed out, then you do not have rights to take over workpapers.

How do you create a binder in CCH Engagement?

Select the client folder and do one of the following: Select File > New Binder Wizard. Click the New Binder Wizard toolbar button. Right-click on the client folder and select New Binder Wizard….

  1. Use response roll forward settings.
  2. Keep all responses.
  3. Reset all responses.

How to contact support for CCH ProSystem FX?

If you have a specific or urgent support issue that requires an immediate answer, consider the other resources made available to you such as an online request directly to our technical support staff, https://support.cch.com/contact or you can contact technical support by calling 800-739-9998.

Can you use CCH ProSystem FX with Adobe Acrobat DC?

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement 2020 supports Adobe® Acrobat® Standard, Professional, and Reader® DC, 2017 and 2020; however, editing with an Engagement functionality is only available with Adobe® Acrobat® Standard or Professional. Note: Engagement workpapers must be opened with Protected Mode turned off.

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