Which of the following certifications would satisfy the IA BBP for IAT Level I and IAT Level II?

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Which of the following certifications would satisfy the IA BBP for IAT Level I and IAT Level II?

CISSP would satisfy the IA BBP for IAM level II and IAM level III. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What is an IAT Level 1?

DoD IAT Level I information assurance functions Individuals working in positions that fall within Level I normally have 0 to 5 years of experience in information assurance and can apply basic knowledge of security concepts and practices in a computer environment.

What IAT level is Ceh?

Approved Baseline Certifications

IAT Level I IAT Level II
CSSP Analyst1 CSSP Infrastructure Support1
CSSP Auditor1 CSSP Manager1

What is an IAT level?

IAT stands for Information Assurance Technical. The IAT certification levels are achieved by passing specific exams and having certain work experiences that meet particular requirements. These requirements are focused on technical knowledge and are geared toward technical staff.

What is the current DoD repository for sharing security?

(b) Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMass) is the current DoD repository for sharing security authorization packages and risk assessment data with Authorizing officials.

Are website defacement and DoS possible cyberattacks against websites True or false?

Cyberattacks against public-facing websites—regardless of size—are common and may result in: Website defacement, Loss of website availability or denial-of-service (DoS) condition, Use of website as a staging point for watering hole attacks.

What is a IAT Level II?

What are the DoD IAT levels? There are three category levels within the IAT category: Level 1: Computing environment information assurance. Level 2: Network environment information assurance. Level 3: Enclave, advanced network and computer information assurance.

What level is Security+?

Level II
Security+ meets Information Assurance Technical IAT Level II and Information Assurance Management Level I. So, what does all this mean pursuing a certification of CompTIA’s Security+? In short, obtaining a Security+ accreditation meets the certification requirement for IAT Level II (Figure 2).

What is an IAT DoD?

Information Assurance Technical (IAT) personnel can attend hands-on, instructor-led training classes that are compliant with Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 8570 / 8140 at ONLC Training Centers. IAT personnel must be fully trained and certified to baseline certification requirements to perform their IA duties.

What does cyber security lamp mean?

Server Administration. Web Security. The LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) web service stack is one of the most popular choices for developing and deploying web applications.

How do websites get hacked?

Hackers usually use brute-force attacks such as guessing usernames and passwords, trying generic passwords, using password generator tools, social engineering/ phishing emails, and links, etc. The websites at a higher risk of such hacks are ones that: Do not enforce strong passwords.

Can A Level 1 IAT certification be used?

Higher level IAT and IAM certifications satisfy lower level requirements. Certifications listed in Level II or III cells can be used to qualify for Level I. However, Level I certifications cannot be used for Level II or III unless the certification is also listed in the Level II or III cell. For example:

Do you need IAT certification to work in DoD?

Workers in an IAT role have privileged access to one or more category levels in a DoD environment. They also possess the right level of certification and functional requirements of the position. To identify a member of the IAT workforce, the individual needs to have:

What are the DoD approved baseline certifications for IA?

The above table provides a list of DoD approved IA baseline certifications aligned to each category and level of the IA Workforce. Personnel performing IA functions must obtain one of the certifications required for their position, category/specialty and level to fulfill the IA baseline certification requirement.

Do you need more than one IA Level?

Most IA levels within a category or specialty have more than one approved certification and a certification may apply to more than one level. An individual needs to obtain only one of the “approved certifications”; for his or her IA category or specialty and level to meet the minimum requirement.