How much does LBC charge for sending money?

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How much does LBC charge for sending money?

LBC Pera Padala Rates

PRINCIPAL AMOUNT Instant Peso Padala Service Fee Next Day Delivery (PesoPak) Service Fee
₱1001 – ₱1500 ₱45 ₱80
₱1501 – ₱2000 ₱60 ₱80
₱2001 – ₱2500 ₱75 ₱119
₱2501 – ₱3000 ₱90 ₱140

Does LBC charge for pick up?

Through LBC Online, you can easily monitor all your transactions in one place. Cash on Pick-Up fees are automatically waived when you book transactions using LBC Online.

How do I send a package through LBC?

How to Ship Through LBC Express

  1. Create an LBC Online account by filling out the signup form at
  2. After signing up, log in to your account and book a delivery through the LBC Online booking page.

Can I get my Palawan Padala in LBC?

Further, Palawan Pawnshop\’s Express Pera Padala will be made available to the over 1,000 LBC branches nationwide and LBC’s Instant Peso Padala (IPP) remittance branch pick-up service will be available to over 800 Palawan Pawnshop.

How many days Cop LBC?

Please be guided that LBC packages in COP transactions will only allow 5 days for the Customer to pick up the parcel. Please take note that bad weather days may slow down and may cause delays on delivery time.

How long is LBC Express?

between 24-48 hours
How long does LBC Express shipping take? Delivery dates depend on various factors. Philippine domestic mail and shipping are priced for same day or standard next day delivery. For domestic packages, please expect your delivery to arrive between 24-48 hours.

Where can I claim M Lhuillier Padala?

Receivers can conveniently claim their money at any ML branch by just presenting their KPTN (Kwarta Padala Transaction Number) or Reference Number and valid IDs.

Where do I claim Palawan Padala?

To claim the money, the receiver must visit the nearest Palawan Express Pera Padala branch or remittance outlet and bring along the transaction code and a valid ID. Your receiver has up to 30 days to claim the payout. If unclaimed, the amount minus the remittance fee will be returned to the sender’s bank.

What is COP in payment?

Confirmation of Payee (COP) is a system where the details of an individual or organisation that is being paid, “the payee”, can be confirmed so that the payer can ensure that they are sending payments to the correct recipient as opposed to some other individual or organisation.

How does instant peso Padala work for LBC Express?

Instant Peso Padala is for you. Instant Peso Padala is LBC Express’ fastest way of remitting money from one LBC branch or our local remittance partners to another. Just fill up the form and pay for the transaction. Then message the tracking number, located underneath the barcode, to the receiver, and you’re done!

What does LBC Express do for the Philippines?

LBC provides online buyers and sellers with a range of e-commerce payment and delivery services. LBC Express offers logistics and supply chain services to companies in the Philippines. What are the LBC Shipping Rates? LBC Express rates for delivery services vary depending on these factors:

How much does it cost to send a LBC package?

Delivery and Shipping Rates | LBC Express Find out how much it costs to send out your package with LBC. Visit this page to view our rates for both national and international shipping services. LBC Shipping Rates Due to pandemic-related restrictions, this is our new delivery lead-time.

What are the rates for LBC Express in Florida?