What is the scariest video game creepypasta?

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What is the scariest video game creepypasta?

Terrifying video game creepypastas to make you never play alone again, from demonic Sonics to haunted Minecrafts

  • Game: Pokémon Red and Blue.
  • Game: Majora’s Mask.
  • Game: Polybius.
  • Game: Minecraft.
  • Game: Morrowind.
  • Game: Jack the Ripper Game (fictitious/unspecified)
  • Game: Godzilla: Monster of Monsters.

Is the Theatre creepypasta real?

Probably because many say it doesn’t even exist. You see, The Theater was an old game released around the same time as Doom. Today, if you ever find it, it’s only available on crappy bootleg CD-ROMs, which, more often than not, don’t even actually contain the game.

What is the most disturbing creepypasta?

So grab a friend, turn off the lights, and prepare to be scared to scroll any further — here are 17 of the scariest creepypastas.

  1. The Slender Man. slender.mxn.
  2. Candle Cove. burialshroud.
  3. Robert the Doll. filme_tarsnak.
  4. Anasi’s Goatman Story. onlystupidanswers.
  5. The Russian Sleep Experiment.
  6. Jeff the Killer.
  7. BEN Drowned.
  8. Persuaded.

What is the story of Jeff the killer?

Jeff The Killer was the given name of a 13-year-old boy who, after surviving a brutally disfiguring attack by bullies, had a mental break and slaughtered them in retribution. The bully attack had left Jeff badly burned, and in order to keep his spirits up, he carved a garish smile into his face.

Is Ben drowned a game?

Ben Drowned is a viral horror story based on the game The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for Nintendo 64.

What is the most popular video game creepypasta?

BEN Drowned, created with a hacked ROM of Majora’s Mask is one of the most popular video game creepypastas. Lurk around the internet long enough and you’re bound to stumble upon creepypasta, horror stories written to spread among internet communities, often without attribution.

What is misfortune GB?

Misfortune.gb is a gameboy puzzle game that plays disturbing music. It is considered the scariest video game ever created. According to both misfortune-dot-gb.webs.com and the creepypasta wiki, “The game revolves around what appears to be a little boy who meets a malevolent being in a strange Gothic building.

Can a gaming creepypasta be on the wiki?

We have lower standards than the actual Creepypasta Wiki, and accept Gaming Creepypastas unlike them, but we do not intend to compete against them. We are more or less making a separate home for Gaming Creepypastas so that they don’t get mixed in with the others on the normal Creepypasta Wiki.

What are some of the most famous creepypasta stories?

To this day, a large portion of the articles written about the story are attempts to … 3/23/01 Due to the overwhelming number of requests I have received to tell about my discoveries and bizarre experiences in a cave not far from my home, I have created this web page.

Who is the copyright owner of creepypasta.com?

Copyright Statement: Unless explicitly stated, all stories published on Creepypasta.com are the property of (and under copyright to) their respective authors, and may not be narrated or performed under any circumstance.

What was Jeff’s mood in the creepypasta story?

The gray skies seemed to punctuate his mood. Jeff was not thrilled to be here. Their new home was beautiful though, a true example of his father’s new found success, but still, it wasn’t the home he’d known. Finally, after a long day you get a moment to yourself.