What is the main religion in Tanzania?

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What is the main religion in Tanzania?

A 2010 Pew Forum survey estimates approximately 61 percent of the population is Christian, 35 percent Muslim, and 4 percent other religious groups. According to the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, Christians are approximately evenly divided between Roman Catholics and Protestant denominations.

What is the main language of Tanzania?

Tanzania/Official languages

Swahili and English, the latter of which was inherited from colonial rule (see Tanganyika Territory), are widely spoken as lingua francas. They serve as working languages in the country, with Swahili being the official national language. There are more speakers of Swahili than of English in Tanzania.

Which is the most popular sport in Tanzania?

Basketball is also quite popular but is played mostly in schools and in the army. Hasheem Thabeet, who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the US National Basketball Association, is the first Tanzanian-born player to join the NBA. Cricket’s popularity is also growing fast mainly after they hosted the 2008 ICC Cricket League division 4.

Who is the first Tanzanian to play in the NBA?

Hasheem Thabeet is a Tanzanian-born NBA player with the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is the first Tanzanian to play in the NBA. Cricket is a rapidly growing sport in Tanzania after hosting the ICC Cricket League division 4 in 2008, Tanzania finished with one win for the tournament, and Tanzania also has its own national team.

Which is the most popular sport in Africa?

Football. From North to South, East to West Africa, football is, no doubt, Africa’s most popular and favorite sport. Football is an incredibly exciting game with origins tracing back to the 1800s when the British, French and Portuguese colonialists introduced the sport to Africa.

Who are the most famous people in Tanzania?

As with most of Africa, Tanzania is known for their runners. Suleiman Nyambui and Filbert Bayi, two of the biggest names in Tanzanian Track and Field, both won Olympic medals for the country in 1980. Tanzania is also a powerhouse in the Commonwealth Games and the African Championships in Athletics.