What can I do on the Sonic forums?

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What can I do on the Sonic forums?

Sonic Colors: Ultimate – H… The Sonic franchise has inspired huge artistic talent. Discuss artwork practices, or share your tips on fan creation. You can also share audio (music, vocal talent), video, written works and web media. Rant and rave about your favourite or the latest computer games and consoles.

Where to discuss Sonic recalls with other Sonic owners?

Come in here and discuss with other Sonic owners. Official Recall and TSBs can be found here. The place to post and discuss the latest Chevy Sonic factory specifications. Difference between RS and LT front bumper width/shape?

Who is the company that makes the Sonic?

DDMWorks is research, design and development company offering stylish and unique performance products, we are proud to add the Sonic to our line-up. JMP Vinyls – Quality vinyls at a affordable price.

Which is the best place to buy Sonic parts?

Lashway Motorsports is your source for custom Sonic Parts, Tuning, and Service! M2-Motoring – We are here to help you find all your Sonic accessory needs! Morgan Performance Fabrication: Specializes in custom forced induction component design, fabrication, installation, and now production parts for the Chevy Sonic.

When does the D Sonic 70 come out?

Look forward to hearing your report on the AVM70 / D-Sonic combo! Hopefully you’ll get the 70 sooner rather than later. Sounds like the 90 got pushed back a bit, at least into February. What is the consensus on a D-Sonic and JTR speakers combo? I have a long wait for a full JTR speaker setup and I have time to consider amps.

Why are D sonic audio amps so good?

While other high quality amps may provide similar sound quality, they would likely do so using much more electricity and generate much more heat and perhaps noise. The beauty of the D-Sonic amps is that they produce an extraordinary amount of clean quiet power in a very energy efficient way.

How old is the D sonic audio amplifier?

I was astonished as to how much bigger everything was after replacing a Parasound A21, which in its own right is a kick ass amp, too. The D-Sonic I have is an older model, maybe 6 or 7 years old, at close to 600wpc, which you can hear and feel right out of the box.