How do you approach application rationalization?

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How do you approach application rationalization?

9 Steps for Successful Application Rationalization framework

  1. Compile a list of applications.
  2. Identify who owns the application.
  3. Identify the lifecycle of the application.
  4. Assess the usage of applications.
  5. Establish the application business value, its quality, and its costs.
  6. Create an Application Architecture Framework.

What is process rationalization?

The rationalization process is the practical application of knowledge to achieve a desired end. Its purpose is to bring about efficiency, coordination, and control of the natural and social environment.

What are the benefits of rationalization?

There are many opportunities and benefits of application rationalization. The major benefits are a reduction in cost, risk, and increased agility through better support of strategic business demands.

What is a rationalization project?

Project portfolio rationalization is a portfolio based approach to the governance or management of an organizations projects. In other words, a project’s value to the organization is measured in context of the returns generated by the entire portfolio.

How do you rationalize a product portfolio?

Rationalizing the product portfolio is a management process that requires a level of rigor in gathering and analyzing data, defining performance measurements, identifying product underperformance, determining how to improve performance, and eliminating underperforming SKUs.

How do you rationalize a report?

Report rationalisation is achieved through prioritising key strategic metrics, eliminating non-value adding activities and simplifying, standardising and automating financial, Marketing Intelligence (MI) and Regulatory reports.

What is a example of rationalization?

Rationalization. For example, a person who is turned down for a date might rationalize the situation by saying they were not attracted to the other person anyway. A student might blame a poor exam score on the instructor rather than their own lack of preparation.

How do you do rationalization?

Rationalizing a Cube Root

  1. Step1. Examine the fraction – The fraction has a radical in the form of a cube root in the denominator.
  2. Step2. Multiply the numerator and denominator of the fraction by a factor that makes the exponent of the denominator 1.
  3. Step3. Simplify the expression as needed.

What does rationalization mean in sociology?

In sociology, rationalization (or rationalisation) is the replacement of traditions, values, and emotions as motivators for behavior in society with concepts based on rationality and reason.

What are the objectives of Rationalisation?

Maximizing production – Rationalization aims at maximization of production by applying rational and logical approach. This helps in lowering costs and offering products to consumers at low prices. Production is increased due to use of better machines and equipment’s and increase in overall efficiency of industry.

What is an example of rationalization?

How do you correct rationalization?

You rationalize to make yourself feel better and not feel guilty. To fix this, you have to remove emotion from your decision making. Your decisions need to be based on logic rather than emotion because emotions will sway your decisions toward ones that aren’t beneficial.

Why does an organization need an application rationalization process?

Organizations embark on an application rationalization journey because their leadership is mandating business process optimization and organizational efficiency. Cost reduction by consolidation of applications, retiring older and underutilized applications which impede an organization’s focus on innovation are the starting points.

What is the rationalization, standardize, and consolidation roadmap?

Oracle’s IT Optimization strategy is based on a comprehensive set of architectural principles that ensure consistency and make IT more responsive, efficient and economical. The rationalization, standardization, and consolidation process helps organizations understand their current EA maturity level and move forward on the appropriate roadmap.

What happens when you rationalize your application portfolio?

You accomplish this by rationalizing your application portfolio: By doing so, you ensure scale, vitality, and adaptability of your IT landscape. Think of the value behind that when your business relies on tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of different applications.

Which is an outcome of a rationalization and consolidation exercise?

Enterprise architects understand where the business is going so they can pick the appropriate consolidation strategy. One of the key outcomes of a rationalization and consolidation exercise is the creation of a strategic roadmap that continually keeps IT in line with where the business is going.