Which is better MacBook or Asus?

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Which is better MacBook or Asus?

Get the Asus ZenBook 3 if you want better performance and richer audio, and you want better specs for your money. The MacBook is the ultraportable to get if you prefer longer battery life, as well as a slightly better typing experience, a sharper screen and better webcam.

Which laptop is better than MacBook Pro?

That’s where this guide comes in. The best alternative to a MacBook, and the best laptop overall, is Dell’s XPS 13. It may not be as sleek as the MacBook, but it delivers speed and performance while staying relatively lightweight. You’ll find other alternatives on our list as well from Asus, Lenovo, and Microsoft.

Which is better ASUS laptop or HP laptop?

Overall, ASUS laptops are generally less expensive than HP laptops. You can find ASUS laptops with the same or better specifications than an HP laptop for less money. However, HP often has better quality scores when it comes to performance and longevity.

What are best laptops for students?

What is the best college laptop?

  1. HP Envy 13 (2021) The best overall laptop.
  2. MacBook Air (M1, Late 2020) The best Mac for students.
  3. Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020)
  4. HP Envy x360 13 (2020)
  5. Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)
  6. HP Spectre x360 14.
  7. Acer Swift 3 (2020, AMD Ryzen)
  8. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 9)

How long should an ASUS laptop last?

The average laptops life span for an ASUS laptop is around 5 years. Some models can last 3 years, while others will definitely last more. So it’s safe to say that the average lifespan for an ASUS laptop is 3-5 years. However, if you take good care of your laptop, you will easily see it last well longer.

Which is better the MacBook Pro or the Asus ZenBook Duo?

Lots of the hardware is comparable, and while the ZenBook Duo has a lower resolution display, it’s hardly a dealbreaker at this size, and the color reproduction is still excellent. The big draw, however, is that ScreenPad Plus. ASUS’s secondary display is what the Apple Touch Bar would be if it were truly useful.

Are there any good alternatives to the MacBook Pro?

There is always a solution or a work around to dilemmas like this. I will be giving you a list of eight pretty competitive and high-performing laptop alternatives to the MacBook Pro below:

What kind of GPU does MacBook Pro have?

MacBook Pro’s Radeon Pro 460 GPU is a baby compared to MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro’s GPU. When you have a laptop with a fierce GPU then it should also have a high-end processor, SSD and display, in this case, MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro uses Intel i7-6700HQ Skylake processor, 512GB M.2 SATA SSD, 16GB DDR4 2400 Mhz RAM and 1080p 15.6-inch display.

Can a MacBook Pro be used as a laptop?

It may sound simple, but Apple uses hardware you’ll find in a bunch of Windows laptops, like Intel’s processors, and on the 13-inch MacBook Pro, you’re not even getting the newest, 10th Gen chips either right now. Apps like Final Cut Pro alone can still be the reason to get a MacBook Pro.