Why is NZ soccer team called the Olywhites?

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Why is NZ soccer team called the Olywhites?

The New Zealand national under-23 football team, informally known as the “OlyWhites”, represents New Zealand Football and New Zealand in international Under-23 football events, such as the Summer Olympics. Thus, Beijing saw the first Olympic appearance for a New Zealand men’s football team.

How Old Is Winston Reid?

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Who are some famous soccer players from New Zealand?

Chris Zoricich (born 3 May 1969 in Auckland) is a New Zealand association football player who represented the New Zealand national football team in the 1980s and 1990s. Born to Croat parents, he… more

What is the name of the New Zealand football team?

The New Zealand national football team represents New Zealand in international association football. The team is controlled by the governing body for football in New Zealand New Zealand Football (NZF), which is currently a member of the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC). The team’s official nickname is the All Whites.

How many soccer matches has New Zealand played?

FC Member of squad at FIFA Confederations Cups[3][4][5][6] This table takes into account all New Zealand A-international matches played up to and including 14 June 2019. [7][8]

Who are the members of the nzpfa team?

Andrew Scott-Howman is a litigation partner at leading law firm Bell Gully. Together with Harry Ngata, Andrew was the driving force in the establishment of the NZPFA. Andrew has extensive experience with professional sports in New Zealand, having been the solicitor for the both the Rugby and Cricket Players’ Associations since their inceptions.

What are the names of the New Zealand national teams?

New Zealand athletics is littered with amazing team names: All Blacks, All Whites, Tall Blacks, Black Caps etc.. And while the Kiwis are regarded as the world’s preeminent rugby playing nation and are showing amazing form at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, they are so much more than just All Blacks and All Whites. Let R&S explain…

Who is the best soccer player in New Zealand?

Player Caps Goals First Cap Last Cap Début vs WC FC Other Glen Adam 16 1 1978 1984  Singapore 1982[1] Luke Adams 5

How many football players have played for New Zealand?

Jump to navigationJump to search wikimedia list article This is a list of New Zealand men’s international footballers– association footballplayers who have played for the New Zealand national football teamin officially recognised international matches. All players with official full international capsare listed here.

Who is the coach of the New Zealand football team?

Nickname (s) Football Ferns Association New Zealand Football Confederation OFC (Oceania) Head coach Tom Sermanni Captain Ali Riley