Can thyroid nodules cause goiter?

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Can thyroid nodules cause goiter?

A goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid, the H-shaped gland that wraps around the front of your windpipe, just below your Adam’s apple. A goiter can be smooth and uniformly enlarged, called diffuse goiter, or it can be caused by one or more nodules within the gland, called nodular goiter.

Are thyroid nodules and goiter the same thing?

An enlarged thyroid gland can be felt as a lump under the skin at the front of the neck. When it is large enough to see easily, it’s called a goiter. A thyroid nodule is a lump or enlarged area in the thyroid gland.

What does a multinodular goiter mean?

A goiter simply means an enlarged thyroid. A goiter can either be a simple goiter where the whole thyroid is bigger than normal or a multinodular goiter where there are multiple nodules. Multinodular goiters can be either a toxic multinodular goiter (i.e. makes too much thyroid hormone and causes hyperthyroidism.

What percentage of multinodular goiters are cancerous?

While most thyroid nodules are non-cancerous (Benign), ~5% are cancerous.

How do you treat goiter nodules?


  1. Radioiodine therapy. One treatment for both toxic and non-toxic goiters is radioiodine therapy.
  2. Thyroid medication. If the goiter and its nodules are relatively small in size, a doctor may recommend taking a thyroid hormone medication, such as levothyroxine (Synthroid).
  3. Thyroidectomy.

Does caffeine affect thyroid nodules?

Per a study in the journal Thyroid, caffeine has been found to block absorption of thyroid hormone replacement. “People who were taking their thyroid medication with their morning coffee had uncontrollable thyroid levels, and we couldn’t figure it out,” says Dr. Lee.