Is San Andreas the best GTA game?

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Is San Andreas the best GTA game?

No game has a better claim to being the best game in the 3D universe than GTA San Andreas. Many other GTA games of this time are seen as clunky or outdated, but GTA San Andreas continues to live on as one of the most fondly remembered GTA games of all time.

Is GTA San Andreas worth playing?

It’s a legitimately good game in its own right. While it does have its flaws, the game still holds up very well today. Like all other legendary GTA games, GTA San Andreas has its fair share of notable features. For some fans, the game is a timeless classic that is worth playing in 2021 and long after it.

Is GTA San Andreas violence?

4) Grand Theft Auto San Andreas While the game is filled with the level of violence fans have come to expect off of the franchise, it is slightly more toned down. The game contains plenty of violence in the form of shootouts, and suggestive content, its lighthearted nature tends to get the upper hand most of the time.

Is GTA San Andreas suitable for a 12 year old?

We don’t recommend this game for anyone under the age of 18, as it contains a lot of adult themes, including drink, drugs, sex and violence. If you’re concerned your child is playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you might want to explore the game yourself (or do some research) so you’re aware of the themes.

Is GTA 5 better than GTA SA?

There is no doubt whatsoever about the technological superiority of GTA 5. For all its incredible characters and thrilling missions, GTA San Andreas, admittedly, suffered from poor graphics; whereas, GTA 5 is as robust and fleshed out as it is possible to be on screen.

Is GTA 4 or San Andreas better?

GTA San Andreas vs GTA Vice City graphics: Which is better? GTA San Andreas was a game-changer when it came out, but with time, experience, and technological advances, Rockstar made GTA 4 a much better game graphically than GTA San Andreas could be.

Can a 12 year old play GTA 5?

This game is fine for any mature 13 year old and up. You can rob stores and steal cars, but any mature teen will be able to recognize that it is just a video game and shouldn’t be carried over into real life.

What are the Cheats of GTA San Andreas?

There are 77 cheat codes for GTA San Andreas on Playstation 2: Aggressive Traffic: R2, CIRCLE, R1, L2, LEFT, R1, L1, R2, L2. All cars have Nitros: LEFT, TRIANGLE, R1, L1, UP, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, DOWN, CIRCLE, L2, L1, L1. All Traffic is Junk Cars: L2, RIGHT, L1, UP, X, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L1, L1.

What can you do in GTA San Andreas?

You can do whatever you want to do in GTA San Andreas Online / Multiplayer. Play as Criminals, Rob Banks, Rob Stores, Kill Cops, Kill Civilians, Sell Drugs, Make Riotsand a lot more. You can play as Cop, and arrest, kill criminals, stop them from robbing the Bank, Selling Drugs and other illegal.

Is there Casino in GTA San Andreas?

The Four Dragons Casino is a casino hotel in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located on the southernmost side of The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas .

What is the story of GTA San Andreas?

San Andreas is set in the early 1990’s–a very important time in Los Angeles’ history. The story focuses on the famous LA riots and the related rampart scandal . This involved a corrupt police force known as C.R.A.S.H, terrorising Los Angeles.