How many goals did Zinedine Zidane score for Real Madrid?

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How many goals did Zinedine Zidane score for Real Madrid?

Appearances and goals by club, season and competition Club Season League League Total Real Madrid 2004–05 La Liga 29 40 Real Madrid 2005–06 La Liga 29 38 Total Total Total 155 230 Career total Career total Career total 506 695

How did Zinedine Zidane become a national hero in France?

This triumph made him a national hero in France, and he received the Légion d’honneur in 1998. He won UEFA Euro 2000, and was named Player of the Tournament. He also received the Golden Ball for Player of the Tournament at the 2006 World Cup, despite his infamous sending off in the final against Italy for headbutting Marco Materazzi in the chest.

Who was the football player who discovered Zidane?

—Jean Varraud, former player who discovered Zidane. Zidane went to AS Cannes for a six-week stay, but ended up remaining at the club for four years to play at the professional level.

How many sons does Zinedine Zidane have and how many daughters?

Married in 1994, they have four sons: Enzo Zidane Fernández (born 24 March 1995), Luca Zidane Fernández (born 13 May 1998), Theo Zidane Fernández (born 18 May 2002), and Elyaz Zidane Fernández (born 26 December 2005). On 12 July 2019, his elder brother Farid died of cancer at the age of 54. Career statistics Player Club

When did Zinedine Zidane play his last game?

Zidane’s penalty kick proved to be decisive in the semi-finals as France defeated Portugal to reach the finals against Italy. The 2006 ‘FIFA World Cup’ final was the last match of his career. Zidane gave France an upper hand]

When did Zinedine Zidane score his first hat trick?

Though Zidane could not win any trophies for ‘Real Madrid’ during his final season for the club, his personal statistics were still good. He scored his first ever hat-trick against ‘Sevilla FC’ in a 4–2 win in January 2006, and was the second-highest goal-scorer for ‘Real Madrid’ during the season.

Who has more missed penalties, Ronaldo or Messi?

Ronaldo has taken 134 penalties during his carer and converted 110 of them. Meaning that he has missed 24, he has an overall conversion rate of 82%. Messi has taken 97 penalties and has converted 82. He has missed 25 times from the spot. Scoring 76% of his penalties taken. Messi has taken less penalties than Ronaldo and missed a greater number.

Who are the best football players who have never missed a penalty?

Yaya Toure and the Italian legend Roberto Baggio are the greatest footballers who have never missed any penalty. As in cas e of Yaya he has taken 16 and all are scored . Some other big names are Mario Bolotelli , Jordi Gomez , Gary Parker , Elano and the Ex Red Devil Dimitar Berbatov.