Can I take a river cruise in Europe?

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Can I take a river cruise in Europe?

Viva Cruises offers a variety of cruises along Europe’s great rivers: the Danube, Elbe, Moselle, Rhine, Rhône, Seine and the Main-Danube Canal. Scylla AG runs a fleet of river ships for various European charter clients, including Nicko Cruises, Tauck and Riviera Travel.

What is one of the most popular rivers for cruising in Europe?

Upper Danube Route Map from AmaWaterways The Upper Danube is the other great route on Europe rivers (it is the single most popular river cruise route in all Europe—it has about 30% of all river cruise passengers that take a Europe river cruise every year)—and typically goes from Nuremberg or Passau to Budapest.

Has river cruising started in Europe?

The first 2021 European river cruises that will be marketed internationally will be in Portugal sailing on the Douro River. Lines including AmaWaterways, Emerald, Scenic, and Viking all announced plans to resume sailing in June and July. Uniworld also announced that it will restart in Italy in late June.

What is the most scenic river in Europe?

  • Danube. Length: 1,783 miles / 2,870km. Route: Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea.
  • Douro. Length: 556 miles / 895km.
  • Rhône. Length: 505 miles / 813km.
  • Main. Length: 326 miles / 525km.
  • Rhine. Length: 766 miles / 1,233km.
  • Moselle. Length: 339 miles / 545km.
  • Seine. Length: 485 miles / 780km.
  • Dutch Waterways. Length: 528 miles / 850km.

What is the best river cruise in Europe?

The 776-mile Rhine River, which runs through Switzerland, Liechtenstein , Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands, is known for being one of the best European cruises, famous for its castles and stunning scenery.

Why are river cruises the best way to see Europe?

The ports: One of the biggest benefits of river cruises – particularly in Europe – is how the ports are located right in the centre of cities and towns with most attractions within walking distance. Ocean cruises, on the other hand, stop at ports along the coast and you have to travel sometimes quite far inland to reach your destination.

Which is the best river cruise company for Europe?

bringing their exacting ocean standards to European river cruising for

  • Tauck River Cruises.
  • AmaWaterways.
  • Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection.
  • Scenic River Cruises.
  • What to expect on an European river cruise?

    The rivers of Europe are what make it special. They have been the waterways of commerce and the inspiration of artists for centuries. On a European river cruise, you’ll float in comfort between scenic cities and villages, and rest in comfort each night aboard your luxurious river ship, with numerous opportunities for enrichment and fine cuisine along the way.