What percentage of Indians use the Internet?

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What percentage of Indians use the Internet?

Despite the large base of internet users, the internet penetration rate in the country stood at around 50 percent in 2020. This meant that around half of the 1.37 billion Indians had access to internet that year.

Which country has more internet users?

As of the first quarter of 2021, China was ranked first among the countries with the most internet users….Countries with the highest number of internet users as of Q1 2021.

Characteristic Number of internet users in millions
China 854
India 560
United States 313.32
Indonesia 171.26

How much of the world is connected to the Internet?

As of January 2021 there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide – 59.5 percent of the global population. Of this total, 92.6 percent (4.32 billion) accessed the internet via mobile devices.

Which country use Instagram the most?

Leading countries based on Instagram audience size as of July 2021 (in millions)

Characteristic Audience in millions
India 180
United States 170
Brazil 110
Indonesia 93

How many mobile Internet users are there in India?

Mobile internet usage in India varies according to people’s living areas. As of 2016, India had an estimate of 262 million mobile internet users living in urban communities, and 109 million living in rural areas. One aspect whereby India shares the characteristics of other global internet users is its passion for social media.

Why is Internet usage so low in India?

At the same time, the number of women who have access to internet is much lower than men in the country, and the bias is even more evident in rural India. Similarly, internet usage is lower among older adults in the country due to internet literacy and technological know-how.

Which is the most widely used Internet network in India?

Notably, 4G networks were the most widely used across urban and rural India in 2019. One aspect wherein India shares the characteristics of other global internet users is its passion for social media.

Which is the second largest Internet market in the world?

Despite the untapped potential, India already is the second-largest online market worldwide. The majority of India’s internet users are mobile phone internet users, who take advantage of cheap alternatives to expensive landline connections that require desktop PCs and infrastructure.