Who was the foreign minister of India?

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Who was the foreign minister of India?

Subrahmanyam Jaishankar (born 9 January 1955) is an Indian diplomat and politician who is the current Minister of External Affairs of the Government of India since 31 May 2019….

S. Jaishankar
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Preceded by Sushma Swaraj
Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha

Is a foreign minister a diplomat?

Responsibilities. Along with their political roles, foreign ministers are also traditionally responsible for many diplomatic duties, such as hosting foreign world leaders and going on state visits to other countries. The foreign minister is generally the most well-traveled member of any cabinet.

What does a foreign minister do?

(in countries other than the U.S.) a cabinet minister who conducts and supervises foreign and diplomatic relations with other states. Also called, especially British, foreign secretary . Compare secretary of state (def.

Who is current foreign minister?

The current Minister of External Affairs is Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, succeeding Sushma Swaraj of the Bharatiya Janata Party on 30 May 2019.

Who is current foreign Minister?

Who is the Minister foreign affairs?

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Hon. Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, was appointed January 10, 2017.

Who was the first CM in India?

On 26 January 1950 Govind Ballabh Pant, Premier of United Provinces, became the first Chief Minister of the newly renamed Uttar Pradesh. Including him, 11 out of UP’s 21 chief ministers belonged to the Indian National Congress.

Who is the first woman Minister of India?

Following her long-lasting association with the Indian independence movement, she was appointed the first Health Minister of India in 1947 and remained in office until 1957….Amrit Kaur.

Dame Amrit Kaur
Movement Indian Independence movement
Minister of Health
In office 16 August 1947 – 16 April 1957
Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru

Who was the first foreign Minister of India?

The chief responsibility of the Foreign Minister is to represent India and its government at the international level. As of now there are 29 person have hold the post of Foreign Minister of India. Mrs. Indira Gandhi was the first woman Foreign Minister of India. She hold this position from 6 September 1967 to 13 February 1969.

Who is the current US Minister of Foreign Affairs?

Though only one has served as Foreign Affairs Minister, two Independents have served as Under Secretaries of Foreign Affairs, Bernard Sanders from 2013 to 2015, and James Mattis, who held the position from 2015 until the end of his term in 2021.

Why is the position of Foreign Affairs Minister important?

The position of Foreign Affairs Minister is often referred to as the most powerful office to hold in the United States, due to the office being involved in world affairs and being capable of declaring war on other countries with congressional approval and managing the United States Military.

Who is the longest serving foreign minister in the world?

What is the name of world’s longest-serving foreign minister with 40 years in the post until his retirement this year, has died at the age of 75 on 10 July 2015? A. Omar Bongo B. Fidel Castro C. Telmo Vargas D. Saudi Arabia’s Prince Saud al-Faisal Check Answer Complaint Here As Incorrect Question / Answer

Who was the First Minister of Foreign Affairs?

The following individuals have been appointed as Minister for Foreign Affairs, or any of its precedent titles: 1 Also served as Prime Minister for some or all of their term. 2 Barton was knighted in 1902, while serving as Minister.

India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, also he is the first foreign minister of India. The current Minister of External Affairs is Sushma Swaraj of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Who is the current Minister of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan?

Several other Prime Ministers have held the additional charge of the office of the Foreign Minister. The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is Shah Mehmood Qureshi who assumed office on 20 August 2018. List of Foreign Ministers of Pakistan

Who are the current Foreign Ministers of the United Nations?

This is a list of current foreign ministers of the 193 United Nations member states as well as the Holy See ( Vatican City) and the State of Palestine .