How to argue that marijuana should be legal?

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How to argue that marijuana should be legal?

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we’ve compiled a series of handy reference guides with the most common arguments — and your counter-arguments — for all of the hot-button issues of the day. This week’s topic: How to argue that marijuana should be legal. Common Argument #1: Marijuana impairs judgment and makes people act recklessly.

Which is an important reason for legalization of marijuana?

Gallup recently released more polling about marijuana, this time focusing on the arguments for and against legalization. 86% of supporters say that the medicinal benefits of marijuana are a very important reason for legalization.

What are the pros and cons of marijuana?

The dangers and risks of marijuana use are well-known by the scientific community, even if they are downplayed by corporate interests wishing to get rich off of legalization. Apathy, lost productivity, addictive disease, deterioration in intellectual function, motor vehicle accidents, and psychosis are all among the negative outcomes.

What are the medical opinions on medical marijuana?

Medical Organizations’ Opinions on Medical Marijuana “ACP urges review of marijuana’s status as a schedule I controlled substance and its reclassification into a more appropriate schedule, given the scientific evidence regarding marijuana’s safety and efficacy in some clinical conditions…

What are some arguments against marijuana?

Arguments against marijuana consist of ideas such as: legalizing marijuana will give consent in legalizing other stronger and more harmful drugs, the use of marijuana will sky rocket once it is legal, traffic accidents and health hazards would increase.

Does marijuana do more harm than good?

“Medical” Marijuana May do More Harm Than Good REALity March 2018 – There is little research to support any benefit from medical marijuana. The little evidence that exists suggests using marijuana as medicine may be doing more harm than good, according to the family doctors’ association advisories in Alberta and British Columbia.

What are the arguments for medical marijuana?

Some of the arguments for medical marijuana include: Marijuana is effective in relieving nausea and vomiting. Marijuana can relieve the spasticity of the muscles that is sometimes associated with multiple sclerosis and paralysis. Marijuana can help treat appetite loss associated with conditions such as HIV/AIDS and certain types of cancers.

Why should marijuana be decriminalized?

The first reason marijuana should decriminalized in the United States is for its medicinal value. Marijuana can be used to treat an assortment of diseases and disorders, and also helps in pain relief.