Who plays Polly in Doctor Who?

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Who plays Polly in Doctor Who?

Anneke WillsDoctor Who
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Polly, sometimes called Polly Wright in spin-off material, is a fictional character played by Anneke Wills in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. A young woman from the year 1966, she was a companion of the First and Second Doctors and a regular in the programme from 1966 to 1967.

When did Ben and Polly leave Doctor Who?

In 1967 Ben and Polly left the TARDIS.

Why did Dodo leave Doctor Who?

Dodo is introduced at the end of the serial The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve. In that story, the Doctor and Steven travel to 1572 Paris, where they witness the persecution of the city’s Huguenot population. He therefore leaves in the TARDIS, taking Steven with him.

How did Vicki leave Doctor Who?

Following the crash of the UK-201 and the death of her father, Vicki joined the Doctor, Ian and Barbara in the TARDIS to explore the universe. In ancient Troy, Vicki decided to leave the Doctor and Steven to marry Troilus, taking the name Cressida.

What happened to Ian and Barbara in Doctor Who?

After the Daleks who have been pursuing the TARDIS have been destroyed, Barbara suggests to Ian they use the abandoned Dalek time machine to get home. After an emotional farewell to the Doctor and Vicki, Barbara and Ian are returned to London, albeit two years after their disappearance.

Who was in the TARDIS with Polly Wright?

She was one of the very first people to witness the Doctor regenerating but she was initially unsure in believing that the Doctor was still the same man. She travelled in the TARDIS with her future husband, Ben Jackson, and Jamie McCrimmon. She also became acquainted with Dodo Chaplet before she left the Doctor’s company. Is “Polly Wright” right?

Where did the Doctor, Polly and Ben come from?

The Doctor, Polly and Ben later arrived in New York City in the 1890s where four Ovids — being of pure thoughts who travel from world to world in crystal spheres — had become trapped. Their presence caused people’s dreams and nightmares to manifest in reality.

Where did Polly Wright meet the first doctor?

On 12 July, 1966, Polly took Dodo Chaplet to one of her favourite haunts, the Inferno nightclub, where they met Ben Jackson, who later saved Polly from a drunken patron. They were later joined by the First Doctor, who expected to find Dodo there.

When did the fifth series of doctor who start?

The fifth series of the British science-fiction television programme Doctor Who was originally broadcast on BBC One in 2010. The series began on 3 April 2010 with ” The Eleventh Hour “, and ended with ” The Big Bang ” on 26 June 2010.