What is the synonym of gadfly?

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What is the synonym of gadfly?

pest, blighter, cuss, pesterer, gadflynoun. a persistently annoying person. Synonyms: pesterer, feller, expletive, lad, swearing, curse word, bloke, oath, pestilence, pestis, blighter, pest, gent, cuss, chap, curse, swearword, fellow, plague, fella.

How do you use gadflies in a sentence?

Gadfly in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The television commentator is a gadfly whose main purpose on the show is to criticize others.
  2. As the industry gadfly, the designer has made her living on criticizing others’ projects.
  3. My annoying neighbor is nothing but a gadfly who likes to run to the apartment manager with constant complaints.

What’s the meaning of gadflies?

1 : any of various flies (such as a horsefly, botfly, or warble fly) that bite or annoy livestock. 2 : a person who stimulates or annoys other people especially by persistent criticism a political gadfly.

Which word is most nearly opposite in meaning to incorrigible?

word corrigible
But for every no, there is a yes: the word corrigible, the opposite of incorrigible, came into English later, in the early 15th century. When it does appear, it most often refers to someone or something that is able to be corrected, reformed, or made right.

Do gadflies bite?

It’s a good metaphor: literal gadflies are notorious for biting and annoying cattle and other barnyard animals. They’re mostly harmless, but they’re relentless—they keep biting and biting because there’s not much the animals can do to shoo them away.

What word means strong and powerful?

dominant, impressive, capable, influential, forceful, persuasive, dynamic, potent, authoritative, mighty, compelling, vigorous, robust, energetic, all-powerful, able, almighty, authoritarian, cogent, commanding.

Which is the best synonym for the word gadfly?

When a gadfly succeeds in attaining its aim, it rapidly deposits an egg or two in the nostril, and then leaves them. Hence it came that common sense was driven wild by conscience, as forever happens with the few who keep that gadfly. A gadfly on his neck brought a loaf, a gnat brought a cask, a butterfly a joint, and a sparrow brought grapes.

How are gadflies useful to the rest of US?

Gadflies are annoying to management, but they are useful to the rest of us. They often draw attention to problems that others may have overlooked, and they can encourage action from other shareholders. Their courage to stand up and dissent is notable if not entertaining at times.

Who was the gadfly of Athens in the apology?

Many translations use gadfly in this portion of the Apology, and Socrates is sometimes referred to as the “gadfly of Athens.” Recent Examples on the Web Sabatino was a cantankerous gadfly and restaurateur who cast himself as an anti-corruption crusader.

When did the term gadfly start to be used?

Late in the 16th century, gad was joined with fly to designate any of several insects that aggravate livestock. Before too long, we began applying gadfly to people who annoy or provoke others.