How does a car title loan work in Texas?

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How does a car title loan work in Texas?

How title loans work in Texas. A title loan is a loan based on collateral, your car’s title in the case of an auto title loan. Auto title loans are popular because they depend on the value of a vehicle, not a borrower’s income or credit score. Default on the loan, and your car could be repossessed.

Can you go to jail for not paying a title loan in Texas?

However, many debt collectors use threats to force borrowers to pay up their debts. One of these threats is telling you that you could go to jail for not being able to pay the title loan. This is false. You cannot go to jail for defaulting on payments on your title loan.

What is the interest rate on a title loan in Texas?

Texas law currently places no cap on title loan amounts, although there is an interest rate cap of 10%. There is currently no fee limit.

Does Ace Cash Express do title loans?

Title loans at ACE Cash Express are offered only in-store. The availability of loans and the loan amount offered varies for each state where we offer title loans. Title loans are not available in every state.

Is it bad to get a title loan?

Car title loans are also an excellent option if you need money immediately. As soon as you and the lender agree to the loan amount and terms, you can receive your cash quickly. In many cases, you walk out of the lender’s office with the money in hand on the day you apply for the loan.

How do you qualify for a title loan?

Documents You’ll Need

  1. Original vehicle title showing sole ownership.
  2. Government-issued identification matching the name on the title.
  3. Utility bill or other proof of residency matching the name on the title.
  4. Current vehicle registration.
  5. Proof of vehicle insurance.
  6. Recent pay stubs or other proof of ability to repay the loan.

How much does a title loan cost?

Title loans usually have an average monthly finance fee of 25%, which translates to an APR of about 300%. Title lenders often add other charges to the loan amount, like processing, document, and loan origination fees.

How does a title loan work in Texas?

Texas title loans work this way, they are similar to other collateral loans where you use assets such as buildings, companies, and so on as collateral to access the Texas title loan. Texas car and title loans can help you when you need money fast, and traditional loans will not get you the money you need in a short space of time.

Can you get a title loan for an 18 Wheeler in Texas?

The same goes for if you have an 18 Wheeler, we are able to get you an 18 Wheeler title loan in Texas. We also do RV title loans in Texas, so if you have an RV, we can use the equity that you have in it, to get you the money you need. you will still be able to use the RV for your enjoyment as before.

How to apply for a title loan online?

You can benefit from the fact that the title loan application is so convenient to access and fast to get through. You’ll get through the entire application in no time. All you need to provide to complete an application for online title loans is your basic details and your details about your vehicle.