What is BlazeGuard?

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What is BlazeGuard?

BlazeGuard® Structural Sheathing is used for Roof Sheathing and Sub Flooring in residential and commercial construction. The sheathing is applied to typical wood framing. BlazeGuard® Structural Sheathing is manufactured using only Rated APA Oriented Strand Board and Barrier. Product Evaluation Report.

Can you fireproof OSB?

Plywood and OSB (oriented strand board) structural panels are real wood, a natural insulator, and therefore provide good protection against heat loss and condensation. Large panel size also minimizes the number of joints that can “leak” heat, airborne noise or flames.

What is flame block OSB?

LP FlameBlock is an ICC-certified structural fire-rated OSB sheathing that combines fire resistance and impressive structural performance in a single panel. The fire-resistant coating bonded to LP® OSB allows for a 15-minute thermal barrier (UBC 26-2) and slows the spread of flame and heat.

Is OSB heat resistant?

Untreated wood-based panels such as plywood, OSB, MDF & Chipboard typically achieve a Euroclass D or E rating. Fire rated panels can be supplied to a Euroclass B or Euroclass C fire performance as required depending upon regulatory requirements.

Is OSB more fire resistant than plywood?

FRT plywood has a flame spread rating, but no rating for burn-through resistance. Fire-rated OSB sheathing has load/span and shear design values that are superior to FRT plywood at the same thickness. In addition, engineered wood sheathing reduces dead load and wall thickness versus FRT plywood.

Can I use OSB instead of drywall?

OSB is tougher and easier to hang, while sheetrock is easier to paint and looks neater. Fire-Rated OSB offers a great alternative to sheetrock, yet for a higher price tag. Regardless of which product you decide to use, your garage will be more comfortable and usable with finished walls.

Is OSB more fire-resistant than plywood?

At what temperature will plywood ignite?

230° to 302° F
Thermal Degradation and Ignition Point The rate depends upon temperature and air circulation. The thermal degradation and ignition point of wood and plywood may be generalized by the following: 230° to 302° F (110° C to 150° C): The wood will char over time with the formation of charcoal.

Is there fire rated plywood?

This fire-resistant plywood is a versatile building material that you can use for multiple building and design applications. It’s rated for interior use and is usually an interior wall or placed within a wall. The lumber plywood is subjected to a process that fortifies it against fire.

Is LP SmartSide fire resistant?

What is the fire rating? a. LP SmartSide is a class C (III) rated product when tested according to ASTM E84. All LP SmartSide siding can be used in a 1-hour fire rated assembly when it is installed over 5/8 type-X gypsum, which is consistent with other siding types such as fiber cement siding.

Can you paint over OSB?

Using oil-based paint is essential. Just painting the OSB like you would paint plywood will leave the OSB rougher and the paint will bleed through regular primer, while using water-based paint causes the OSB to peel over time, making it look unattractive and requiring regular maintenance.