What should I serve with sausage?

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What should I serve with sausage?

Sides Dishes to Pair With Sausages

  • Baked Beans.
  • Barbecue Fries.
  • Classic Coleslaw.
  • Creamy Parmesan-Polenta.
  • Grilled Vegetables.
  • New Potato Salad.
  • Sautéed Peppers and Onions.
  • Stewy White Beans.

What are good sides for kielbasa?

Here are 7 of the most common and popular side dishes that can be served with kielbasa:

  • 1 – Sauerkraut. Perhaps one of the simplest side dishes to serve with kielbasa is sauerkraut.
  • 2 – Rice.
  • 3 – Scalloped Potatoes.
  • 4 – Onion Rings.
  • 5 – Green Bean Casserole.
  • 6 – Hash Browns.
  • 7 – Green Salad.

What is a good side dish for brats?

What to Serve with Brats?

  • cabbage (instant pot cabbage with bacon)
  • sauerkraut.
  • coleslaw.
  • peppers and onions (cook them alongside the brats)
  • corn on the cob (instant pot corn)
  • potato salad (warm mustard potato salad)
  • other potato dishes (herbed potatoes, air fryer baked potatoes)
  • cucumber salad.

What pizza topping goes with sausage?

Some toppings that go well with sausage include onions, bell peppers, and jalapenos. You will want to be careful with multiple toppings, because adding too many can make the pizza soggy.

How do you serve smoked kielbasa?

Kielbasa is best served on a plate or in a roll with mustard, horseradish, or sauerkraut, but can also be combined with other ingredients in stews, soups, casseroles, and sauces.

What are the best buns for brats?

5 Delicious Bratwurst Buns That You’ll Love By Nolechek’s

  • Classic Italian Bun. First thing’s first––the classics.
  • Baguette Bun. Say ooh la la like the French do with a baguette-bratwurst infusion!
  • Brioche Bun. Brioche is another bread coming from France.
  • Panini Bun.
  • Pretzel Bun.

What’s the best side dish to serve with sausage?

Sauteed peppers and onions aren’t as exciting as other side dishes, but they’re definitely bursting with flavor. Sauteeing these two veggies brings out their natural sweetness, making their flavor more intense! So yes, it may be simple, but sweet peppers and onions are everything you need to turn your sausage dinner into a truly satisfying meal.

What foods are good to cook with turkey sausage?

A one-skillet dish of turkey sausage (or whichever meat or fish you prefer) simmered with rice, veggies and herbs. Red and yellow peppers are sauteed with mushrooms, zucchini, and turkey kielbasa for a great-tasting and colorful meal.

Which is the best side dish to serve with an entree?

Mac and cheese is that side dish that tastes phenomenal no matter what your entrée is. And don’t you just love how mac and cheese always tastes amazing, no matter what recipe you use?

What kind of sauce do you use for sausage?

They’re an exceptional sausage side as well because of the rich barbecue flavor. As an added bonus, they’re also very easy to make. All you need are beans, bacon, brown sugar, barbecue sauce, onions, and peppers. You need not even use dried beans here – canned will do!