Why did Scott leave Celtic?

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Why did Scott leave Celtic?

Scott Brown says the reason he is leaving Celtic at the end of the season is the uncertainty surrounding a new manager. The Parkhead skipper knocked back a one-year deal to join Aberdeen as a player/assistant coach with the arrival of Stephen Glass.

What age is Scott Brown that plays for Celtic?

The 35-year-old is set to play his final game for Celtic somewhat fittingly against his former club Hibernian this Saturday and he has reflected on his momentous 14-year stay with the Hoops ahead of that game…

Who signed Scott Brown for Celtic?

Celtic captain Scott Brown has signed a pre-contract deal with Aberdeen. The 35-year-old, one of the most decorated players in Scottish football history, will join the club this summer on a two-year deal in a player-coach role.

Does Scott Brown play for Aberdeen?

The Club today confirms that Scott Brown will be Aberdeen FC team captain for the 2021/21 season….Scottish premiership League Table.

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Is Scott Brown leaving Celtic?

Celtic captain Scott Brown has today (March 25) announced he will bid farewell to Celtic at the end of the season after 14 years with the club. The Hoops skipper has confirmed he will take up a new position as a player/coach with Aberdeen next season. “When he chose Celtic over others, we were of course delighted.

What is Scott Brown Celtic doing now?

Scott Brown (born 25 June 1985) is a Scottish professional football player and coach who plays as a midfielder and serves as assistant manager for Scottish Premiership club Aberdeen.

What is Scott Brown salary?

Midfielder Scott Brown is the highest-paid Celtic FC Player as he earns a whopping £25,000 weekly wage and an annual salary of £300,000. Followed by Diego Laxalt who earns a weekly wage of £22,500.

How much does Scott Brown get paid weekly?

Scott Brown earns £23,000 per week, £1,196,000 per year playing for Celtic as a DM, M (C). Scott Brown’s net worth is £9,568,000. Scott Brown is 35 years old and was born in Scotland. His current contract expires May 31, 2021.

Who is Scott Brown married to?

Lisa Taylorm. 2009
Scott Brown/Spouse
Brown married Lisa Taylor in June 2009, in a small ceremony in Cyprus. As of May 2021, the couple have three sons, named Sonny, Kit and Shay. Soon after signing for Celtic, Brown purchased a house in the Cramond area of Edinburgh for £1.475 million.

Who is Scott Browns agent?

Asa Sports
– Hibernian FC U17

Date of birth: Jun 25, 1985
Player agent: Asa Sports
Current club: Aberdeen FC
Joined: Jul 1, 2021
Contract expires: May 31, 2023

Who is Scott Brown going to?

After hoping to take Celtic to their fifth successive Scottish Cup Final win this season, and add yet another medal to his bulging collection, the 35-year-old Hoops captain will join the Granite City club as a player and assistant boss.