Did the British start the Opium War?

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Did the British start the Opium War?

Great Britain won the first Opium War. The opium trade continued, and China had to compensate Great Britain for its losses, give Hong Kong Island to the British, and increase the number of treaty ports where the British could trade and reside.

Why did the British start trading opium with China?

By the start of the 19th century, the trade in Chinese goods such as tea, silks and porcelain was extremely lucrative for British merchants. In order to stop this, the East India Company and other British merchants began to smuggle Indian opium into China illegally, for which they demanded payment in silver.

How did the British defeat the Chinese?

The British navy defeated the Chinese using technologically superior ships and weapons, and the British then imposed a treaty that granted territory to Britain and opened trade with China. He confiscated all supplies and ordered a blockade of foreign ships on the Pearl River.

Why did the British ban opium in China?

The Chinese government became alarmed as vast quantities of the drug began to be poured into the country by the British. China’s eventual ban on opium and destruction of opium supplies led to two major wars, called the Opium Wars, between the British and the Chinese.

What did the Chinese pay for in the Opium War?

The Chinese essentially paid for the fleet turning up to fight them, they paid for the burned opium, Hong Kong (although often referred to as ‘The Barren Rock’ at the time) was given to the British, and British consuls were even allowed into China which was previously a very closed country.

Why did Britain and France fight the Opium Wars?

In the 19th century, Britain and France sent in the gunboats to bully China into allowing the sale of opium to its citizens… What were the Opium Wars? The Opium Wars were two 19th-century conflicts between China and Britain (and later France) that began with Chinese attempts to stop opium being smuggled into their country.

How did the Second Opium War come about?

So that was the first Opium War. How did the second one come about? With China humiliated and Britain seeking further gains, the situation remained tense. The spark for the second conflict occurred in 1856 when Chinese officers searched a Chinese owned (but British registered) ship and lowered the British flag.