What is a tibial avulsion fracture?

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What is a tibial avulsion fracture?

A tibial tubercle avulsion fracture is usually an injury to the knee occurring in adolescence, during the transitional phase of physeal closure just prior to completion of growth.

How bad is a avulsion fracture?

Most avulsion fractures aren’t medical emergencies, but they are still a serious medical condition. See a healthcare provider if you have pain, swelling, numbness, or difficulty moving a limb. If you don’t get medical attention, your broken bone might take longer to heal or it might not heal in the right way.

What causes tibial avulsion fracture?

Tibial tubercle avulsion fractures are an uncommon injury occurring due to strong contraction of the quadriceps femoris muscle during leg extension, ultimately causing failure of the physis at the patellar tendon insertion.

Do avulsion fractures hurt?

You may feel a pop and sudden pain when the fracture occurs. You will probably have some pain and swelling in the area of the fracture. Sometimes the area will be bruised. Symptoms usually improve after the injury heals.

How long does it take to heal an avulsion fracture?

Depending on your injury, it may take eight weeks or more for the fracture to heal. Rest the area during that time. If your ankle or hip is fractured, you may need to use crutches to keep weight off the affected area. Your recovery could take longer if you need surgery.

How long will I be off work with an avulsion fracture?

Recovery Times Most of the healing happens between 4-6 weeks. It is not unusual to have aches and discomfort beyond this, often when you do activities you haven’t done for a while. Sometimes the area is more sensitive for months and this is normal.

Can an avulsion fracture heal on its own?

Most avulsion fractures will heal without surgery, but if the chunk of bone is too far away from the main bone, you may need surgery. If your child has an avulsion fracture that involves a growth plate, they may need surgery as well.

How long after an avulsion fracture can I run?

In general, you can attempt to start running about three to four months after your injury. By this time, the bones in your ankle should be well healed and your ROM and strength should be close to normal. You can progress your running mileage as long as your pain is minimal and your ROM and strength remain excellent.

What causes an avulsion fracture?

Other possible causes of an avulsion fracture may include improper stretching and warm-up prior to performing exercises and bone problems such as infection and cancer of the bone. Traumatic incidents such as vehicular accidents may also cause avulsion fractures [9].

What is treatment for tibia fracture?

Nonsurgical treatment of a fractured tibia includes: casts. functional braces, which allow some movement of your leg. pain medications, such as narcotics or anti-inflammatories. physical therapy. at-home exercises. splints.

What causes avulsion fracture of talus?

Avulsion fractures may also be caused by bone pulling away from bone via their connecting ligaments. At the ankle joint, for instance, the bones of the shin and talus bone in the ankle are joined by several powerful ligaments.

What is an undisplaced avulsion fracture?

Displaced avulsion fractures are best managed by either open reduction and internal fixation or closed reduction and pinning . Open reduction (using surgical incision) and internal fixation is used when pins, screws, or similar hardware is needed to fix the bone fragment.