Is Carrasco still with the Indians?

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Is Carrasco still with the Indians?

For the first time in more than a decade, Carlos Carrasco won’t be a member of the Cleveland Indians roster in 2021. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Cleveland’s options to replace Carrasco, who was traded alongside Francisco Lindor to the New York Mets last month.

Who did Cleveland get for Lindor?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Indians have traded four-time All-Star shortstop Francisco Lindor and right-hander Carlos Carrasco to the New York Mets. They will receive infielders Amed Rosario and Andre Gimenez, right-hander Josh Wolf and outfielder Isaiah Greene.

Is Lindor still playing for the Cleveland Indians?

More than two months after the 2020 World Series came to an end, Lindor remains a member of the Indians roster. And trade rumors regarding the 4-time All-Star shortstop haven’t exactly been heating up during what’s been a relatively stagnant MLB offseason to this point.

Who did Cleveland Indians just trade?

That’s what the Cleveland Indians did Thursday when they traded second baseman Cesar Hernandez, whose 18 home runs rank third on the team, to the Chicago White Sox for a minor league pitcher.

Did the Indians trade Carlos Carrasco?

The four-time Cleveland All-Star shortstop — and one of baseball’s best all-around players — was traded Thursday by the Indians along with pitcher Carlos Carrasco to the New York Mets, who have a new owner willing to spend at baseball’s highest levels.

Why did Lindor leave Cleveland?

Lindor, in this system and with an ownership group not willing to cut profit margins and expand payroll in order to go the extra mile to keep a star, had to leave Cleveland. So Cleveland traded him first. We all knew it was coming, because it really was the only option.

How old is Josh Wolf?

Cleveland’s next young pitcher development project is 20-year-old righthander Josh Wolf, a product of the offseason deal that sent Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco to the Mets.

Did Cleveland Indians make any trades?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Indians on Thursday made their first move of the 2021 trade deadline season, sending Gold Glove second baseman Cesar Hernandez to the rival White Sox. Joe Noga and Paul Hoynes break down the move, why it had to happen and where the Indians go from here on the latest podcast.

Who did the Indians trade at the deadline?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WKBN) – The Cleveland Indians officially traded veteran outfielder Eddie Rosario to the Atlanta Braves on Friday. In exchange, the Indians receive veteran infielder Pablo Sandoval. After signing the one-year free agent deal with Cleveland this past offseason, Rosario was batting .

Who does Carrasco pitch for?

the New York Mets
He struck out six batters and surrendered only two hits. He threw 32 of 38 pitches for strikes. Now he’ll pitch for the New York Mets.

How old is Carlos Carrasco?

34 years (March 21, 1987)
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