How do you level up fast in Bad Company 2?

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How do you level up fast in Bad Company 2?

So, the best class to rank up fast during early stages of the game becomes Medic. Just drop medic kits at the action spots, and stick to your team mates to revive them. Each revive gives same XP as kill. Sticking with your teammates, and supporting them consistently, will give you even more XP bonus.

How many hours is Battlefield Bad Company 2?

Yet the biggest leap in Bad Company 2 is in its single-player campaign. It is only six or eight hours long — comparable in length to the main story in Modern Warfare 2 — and while it is not propelled by scripted set pieces as cinematic as those in the competition, Bad Company 2’s narrative glistens.

How many missions are in Battlefield Bad Company 2?

13 levels
The campaign is single player only. There are 13 levels total with three selectable difficulties. Easy, Normal, and Hard.

How many levels are in Battlefield Bad Company?

Our walkthrough covers the game’s seven missions in-depth so you can get through everything in the easiest way possible. And of course, our Collectibles section is chock full of information on each of the game’s collectibles and pieces of gold.

How do I fix Battlefield Bad Company 2 lag?

Anyways the Fix is to re-enter the fullscreen of the BC2 game multiple times, using keyboard shortcut: LEFT ALT + ENTER. This fixes the lag.

How do I change FOV in Bad Company 2?

Field of view (FOV)

  1. Open %USERPROFILE% \ Documents \BFBC2\settings.ini.
  2. Change Fov=55 to the FOV you want and save your changes.

Which battlefield has most players?

As first spotted by PCGamesN and continuing to be the case, Battlefield 5 is riding high in the Steam most-played games chart. Yesterday, it reached a peak of 69,342 concurrent players according to SteamDB and, at the time of writing, it’s still achieving figures of 44,422 active players right now.

How many levels are in bad company?

Our walkthrough covers the game’s seven missions in-depth so you can get through everything in the easiest way possible.

How many levels are in Battlefield 2?

Battlefield 2 ships with 12 levels, and while that seems like a small number, the fact that each level comes in three different sizes adds some variety.

Why does Battlefield Bad Company 2 not work?

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Where can I find statistics for Battlefield 2?

Stats Verse is one of the leading purveyors of online statistics for multiplayer shooters, and pool information for Battlefield games going back to Battlefield 2, and even the free-to-play browser version, Battlefield Heroes.

How does multiplayer work in Bad Company 2?

Multiplayer games have become increasingly sophisticated over the last ten years, not only in their gameplay and tactics, but in the sheer abundance of weaponry, item and class unlocks built into the leveling progression that has become a popular feature in today’s online shooters. Bad Company 2 is no different.

Where to find statistics in Bad Company 2?

Clicking on “Bad Company 2”, entering your soldier name and platform will quickly pull up all your vital statistics, and the layout is much improved from EA’s own site.