What were the 2 plans of government called at the Constitutional Convention?

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What were the 2 plans of government called at the Constitutional Convention?

The Virginia and New Jersey Plans. In the Constitutional Convention, the Virginia Plan favored large states while the New Jersey Plan favored small states.

What type of government did the delegates establish?

In attempting to resolve such issues, as well as problems arising from the payment of debts from the Revolutionary War and other domestic issues, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention created a model of government that relied upon a series of checks and balances by dividing federal authority between the …

What were the two main plans which delegates brought to the Constitutional Convention?

The delegates ultimately combined elements of both plans in what became known as the Connecticut Compromise. The legislative branch would be bicameral, consisting of an upper house—the Senate—and a lower house—the House of Representatives.

What did the Virginia delegates propose at the convention?

Upon entering the debate, the Convention decided to consider far more than amendments to the Articles. Almost immediately, the Virginia delegation presented a drastically altered form of government. The Convention also considered three other plans. The Virginia delegates arrived in Philadelphia before the other delegates.

What was the plan of government proposed at the convention?

On 29 May the journals of the Convention record that Charles Pinckney “laid before the House . . . the draft of a federal government to be agreed upon between the free and independent states of America.” The plan was not discussed by the Convention but was turned over to the Committee of Detail on 24 July.

Who are the delegates to the Constitutional Convention?

Meetings had to be pushed back until May 25, when a sufficient quorum of the participating states— Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia—had arrived.

What was the New Jersey Plan of government?

The New Jersey Plan proposed exactly what the Confederation Congress had authorized: amendments to the Articles of Confederation that kept the basic structure of the Articles while strengthening the powers of Congress.