Does Madhuri Dixit have a youtube channel?

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Does Madhuri Dixit have a youtube channel?

MADHURI DIXIT CELEBRATES 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON YOUTUBE Madhuri Dixit, who is a judge on Dance Deewane 3, treated fans to some little-known facts about herself as her YouTube channel hit the one million followers mark. She started the list by revealing that she makes her own Keto cookies and loves eating them.

Is Madhuri Dixit dancing?

While everyone knows that Madhuri is a trained kathak dancer and is passionate about dance, read on to known some lesser known facts about the actress on her birthday today.

Where is Madhuri Dixit now?

Where is Madhuri Dixit living currently? Madhuri Dixit is currently living in Mumbai, India.

How can I subscribe to Madhuri dance?

How to participate?

  1. Register for the free class.
  2. Upload your performance video on any of the featured songs on social media using the hashtag #DWMHoliKeRang. Ensure your social media profile is set to public & don’t miss tagging Dance With Madhuri.
  3. Submit the video link below.

Why did Madhuri Dixit leave dance deewane?

Madhuri apparently opted out for a couple of weeks owing to some personal commitments, but she will be back soon. A source said, “Madhuri Dixit will return to shoot for the upcoming episode on August 15.

Is dance with Madhuri free?

Bollywood’s dancing queen Madhuri Dixit is all set to teach her dancing moves to everyone through her online dance academy Dance With Madhuri. From today April 1 to April 30, every week, two of our top dance lessons will be available for everyone for free on So, let’s not wait any longer.

Which college is Madhuri Dixit’s son attending?

University of Southern California
He is joining University of Southern California and his parents could not be more proud. Sharing the photos, Dr Nene wrote, “Am so excited for Arin starting college. Give great thanks to all the educators before and the ones now, who have been great mentors and teachers. Proud to be the father of a Trojan!

Which college Madhuri Dixit’s son is going?

the University of Southern California
Madhuri Dixit and her husband, Shriram Nene, reunited with their elder son Arin in the US, where he is currently a student at the University of Southern California. Dr Nene recently posted a couple of family pictures as Arin began college life in America.

Which dance form does Madhuri Dixit have?

Madhuri started dancing at the age of three and is a trained classical dancer who has learned Kathak. The actress, who is fondly called as the Dhak Dhak Girl is Bollywood for her moves, shot to superstardom with her numerous blockbusters in the eighties and the nineties, most of which had superhit dance numbers.

Why Raghav is not coming to dance deewane?

Anchor-choreographer-actor Raghav Juyal, who was hosting dance reality show Dance Deewane, will no longer be associated with the show. Raghav has opted out because he is keen to join the upcoming show, Dance +, as a host. I had my commitment with Dance + and I will also be busy shooting for Farhan Akhtar’s film.