What are some drug free quotes?

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What are some drug free quotes?

Top Five Drugs Free Quotes and Sayings

  • “This is a great way to challenge the community to try and make a difference and to make the town drug free.” —Pat Andriole.
  • “You should just say no to drugs.
  • “Drugs are a waste of time.
  • “Drug addiction destroys lives, tears apart families and harms society.” —Unknown.

What is a good anti drug slogan?

Anti Drug Slogans That Rhyme

  • Too smart to start.
  • Hang tough, don’t puff.
  • I need a life, not drugs.
  • No need for weed.
  • Be fly don’t get high.
  • Count on ME to be DRUG FREE.
  • Hero does Math, not Meth.
  • Drug abuse is of no use.

What are drugs essay?

In an essay on drugs, you will have to write about drugs, their effects and the reasons due to which people use them, you have to include the information about why the drugs are so famous and how harmful they are. The introduction should also have a thesis statement that should be the main idea of the essay on drugs.

How can we avoid taking drugs?

Know your triggers

  1. avoiding places where you know drugs and alcohol will be available.
  2. surrounding yourself with friends who don’t use drugs.
  3. knowing how to resist temptation.
  4. learning how to cope with stress and relax without drugs.
  5. distracting yourself with activities like exercise or listening to music.

What are the causes of drugs?

Risk factors

  • Family history of addiction. Drug addiction is more common in some families and likely involves genetic predisposition.
  • Mental health disorder.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Lack of family involvement.
  • Early use.
  • Taking a highly addictive drug.

    What is the difference between substance abuse and illicit drug use?

    drug abuse, the one distinguishing marker is often the frequency of use in combination with the level of desire or control. Drug use refers to the experimentation, low frequency, or irregular use of alcohol and drugs. On the other hand, drug abuse refers to regular or compulsive urges to use alcohol and drugs.