Is there a slang term for smoking marijuana?

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Is there a slang term for smoking marijuana?

While the actual bush itself is a direct reference to the Bible when Moses spoke to God in this bush that was literally burning—this is a top quality slang term for smoking cannabis. People also believe that the bush could’ve been a marijuana plant and that’s how Moses saw God, but who’s to say? All you need to know is Snoop Dogg loves this phrase!

Which is an example of slang for prison?

Sing Sing – “The Castle” Another example of generalized slang for prison that came from a specific prison is the term “the castle.” This term used to refer to Sing Sing prison. Located in Ossining, New York, Sing Sing prison is one of America’s oldest prisons and used to be called “the castle on the Hudson River.”

What does og stand for in prison slang?

OG: An “original gangster.” In prison, this is a respectful term for someone has been in the joint for a long time. In the work world, this is someone who has been with your startup for more than three months.

What does Spliff mean in slang for marijuana?

The more you know! A spliff is an old school term your grandpa uses originally referring to any smokable rolled product where you might have to “split” the joint/blunt between tobacco and cannabis.

How often do people go to prison for marijuana?

Other independent research has shown that the risk of arrest for each “joint,” or marijuana cigarette, smoked is about 1 arrest for every 12,000 joints.iii There are very few people in state or federal prison for marijuana-related crimes. It is useful to look at all drug offenses for context.

Is it legal to smoke cannabis in prison?

They also agreed with the defendants’ contention that while smoking and/or ingesting cannabis in prison is specifically prohibited, the law leaves the door open to other methods of using cannabis. Those methods, they added, could include vaping or applying topical oils.

What kind of slang do they use in prison?

Some of these prison slang can translate to everyday office life, which just might make your interactions with co-workers a little more enjoyable. You probably already have a lot of things you want to call some of the people you work with … but here are some suggestions straight from the prison yard. 1.

How are people being punished for smoking marijuana?

Law enforcement authorities are not the only ones seeking to punish people for smoking a joint. Civilian organizations like employers and schools have instituted extensive drug testing programs to weed out marijuana: Many employees, public as well as private, are now submitted to suspicionless urinalysis drug testings.