Where can I watch the 2014 World Cup?

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Where can I watch the 2014 World Cup?

Top Websites to Watch The FIFA World Cup For Free

  • FIFA.com TV. What better way to watch the World Cup online than via FIFA’s own live, and completely free, streaming service?
  • BBC And ITV.
  • ARD Das Erste and ZDF.
  • NOS.
  • SRF Player.

How can I watch FIFA Online?

Watch FIFA Online Using the Official CBS Sports App or Website. The CBS Sports app is the best ways to watch live FIFA games and soccer in general but only if you are a subscriber. The app is free for iOS and Android devices, and you don’t need to be a subscriber to the channel to receive the updated scores and news.

Who won World Cup Final 2014?

Germany national football team
2014 FIFA World Cup Final/Champion

In the final, Germany defeated Argentina 1–0 to win the tournament and secure the country’s fourth world title, the first after the German reunification in 1990, when as West Germany they also beat Argentina by the same score in the World Cup final.

Where was the final match of FIFA World Cup 2014 played?

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Final was the final match of the 2014 World Cup, the 20th edition of FIFA’s competition for national football teams….2014 FIFA World Cup Final.

Germany’s Mario Götze scores the match-winning goal in the 113th minute
Event 2014 FIFA World Cup
Date 13 July 2014
Venue Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro

Who won World Cup 2018?

France national football team
2018 World Cup/Champion
France were crowned champions for the second time in history and for the first since they were hosts in 1998 after defeating Croatia 4-2 in what will go down as one of the most thrilling World Cup finals ever.

Is FIFA TV free?

FIFA.tv is a free channel offered by FIFA on YouTube for its fans all around the world. You can access this via your TV, computer, phone, or other mobile device.

How many World Cup has Messi won?

Number of domestic trophies won by Lionel Messi as of 2020, by competition

Characteristic Number of titles
Copa del Rey 6
Champions League 4
FIFA Club World Cup 3
UEFA Super Cup 3

Who won World Cup 2013?


Edgbaston, Birmingham
Toss England, elected to field first
Season 2013
Series result India won the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy
Match number ODI no. 3377