How big is the Karstark army?

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How big is the Karstark army?

The Karstarks are reliable and fierce warriors. They have ties to House Hornwood through the female line. Their military power is formidable, as they are able to field some 300 cavalry and 2,000 infantry. They fought alongside the Starks during Robert’s Rebellion.

How many Karstark men are there?

We’re also told that after Robb beheaded Lord Rickard, the Karstarks marched home, costing Robb about half of his army. That’s about 9,000-10,000 men.

Did Alice Karstark survive?

During the Battle of Winterfell, Alys and a group of Karstark archers join Theon and the ironborn in defending Bran. She is killed when the wights overrun the godswood. Her death renders House Karstark extinct.

How big was the army of the North Game of Thrones?

Robb Stark’s forces were 20,000 strong, made of Lords, Knights, other nobles and Sellswords.

How big is Jon Snow’s army now?

This brings Jon’s total host to an army of 2,405 men total, as well as a giant, Wun Wun. Most of the soldiers are infantry, and the rest are archers and cavalry, creating a disadvantage against the Bolton forces.

How many stark men were killed at the Red Wedding?

Nearly all of the Stark bannermen at the wedding were slain. The books mention only four who were taken alive, three from the Riverlands and one from the North: Edmure Tully, Marq Piper, Patrek Mallister, and Greatjon Umber. It is unknown if any of the other guests were taken alive too.

Why did Alys Karstark go to the wall?

A Dance with Dragons Melisandre prophesies to Jon Snow, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, of a grey girl on a dying horse riding to the Wall to escape an arranged marriage.

Why was Karstark beheaded?

He openly insults the King in the North and claims the war is a lost cause. Remaining true to his honor just like his father, Robb decides that Lord Karstark must die for his treason. Rickard is executed for treason by Robb.

Who has the biggest army in got?

House Tyrell can field the largest amount of troops in Westeros, but it is not solely their own ‘army’. They are the overlords of The Reach and therefore houses sworn to them (vassals) must call their levies in support of their Liege lord. It is estimated that they can call about 80k-100k soldiers.

Does Jon Snow lose the battle of the bastards?

The fall of King’s Landing actually started the day Jon Snow won the Battle of the Bastards. Cersei Lannister was happy on the throne as long as the Boltons kept Winterfell because that way, she didn’t have to worry about the North.

Who was in charge of the Karstark Army?

He then splits his force into a 6,000 men cavalry-only army, while leaving the rest of his soldiers under the command of Roose Bolton. Half of these 6,000 men are Karstark soldiers. When they leave, they half Robb’s current army, but don’t influence his total that much. Only 3,000 of the 20,000 northerners were Karstarks.

Where does the Karstark family quarter in Game of Thrones?

The Karstark family enters the castle to pay their respects to the Starks. On the march south, the Karhold men quarter in the Drunkard’s Tower at Moat Cailin. Catelyn Stark warns her son Robb that he cannot seem indecisive in front of men like Lord Roose Bolton and Rickard Karstark.

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Who is the heir of the Karstark Spears?

When the Stark host splits at the Twins, Rickard’s heir Harrion leads the Karstark spears with Lord Bolton’s infantry, while Rickard and his other sons accompany Robb with their cavalry.