Who won the Football League in 2004?

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Who won the Football League in 2004?

2004–05 FA Premier League

Season 2004–05
Champions Chelsea 1st Premier League title 2nd English title
Relegated Norwich City Crystal Palace Southampton
Champions League Chelsea Arsenal Manchester United Everton Liverpool
UEFA Cup Bolton Wanderers Middlesbrough

Who won the Premier League 03 04?

2003–04 FA Premier League

Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira lifting the trophy at Highbury
Season 2003–04
Champions Arsenal 3rd Premier League title 13th English title
Relegated Wolverhampton Wanderers Leicester City Leeds United
Champions League Arsenal Chelsea Manchester United Liverpool

Who was the winner of the 2004-05 Primeira Liga?

The 2004–05 Primeira Liga was the 71st edition of top flight of Portuguese football. It started on 28 August 2004 with a match between Belenenses and Marítimo, and ended on 22 May 2005. Benfica won their 31st league title, with 65 points, three points ahead of the defending champions Porto.

Who was the champions of Portugal in 2003?

FC Porto were the defending champions and became champions again, winning the Portuguese title in two consecutive seasons. The first goal of the season was scored by Académica’s Filipe Alvim in the opening game against Sporting CP.

Which is the best football league in Portugal?

The Primeira Liga (European Portuguese: [pɾiˈmɐjɾɐ ˈliɣɐ]; English: Premier League), also known as Liga NOS for sponsorship reasons, is the top professional association football division of the Portuguese football league system.

Who are the champions of the Primeira Liga?

Benfica won their 31st league title, with 65 points, three points ahead of the defending champions Porto. The league was contested by 18 clubs, and was considered one of the most competitive seasons in recent years.

Who was the first football champions of Portugal?

FC Porto were the first club to be crowned League champions, in the 1934–35 season. They had also won the first Championship of Portugal, in the 1921–22 season.

Who are the winners of the Primeira Liga?

Over 70 teams have competed in the Primeira Liga, but only five have been crowned champions. Among them, the ” Big Three ” teams – Benfica (37 wins), Porto (29 wins) and Sporting CP (19 wins) – have won all but two Primeira Liga titles; the other winners are Belenenses ( 1945–46) and Boavista ( 2000–01 ).

When was the last time Porto won the European Super Cup?

This feat has only been achieved by Porto (furthermore twice) in the 1987–88 season, when it won the European Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup, Primeira Liga and Taça de Portugal, and in the 2010–11 season when it won the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, Primeira Liga, UEFA Europa League and Taça de Portugal.

Which is the most successful football club in Portugal?

Most successful club Benfica (37 titles) The Portuguese football champions are the winners of the highest competition in Portuguese football, which is the Primeira Liga.