What is the function of the Pedicellariae?

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What is the function of the Pedicellariae?

Pedicellariae are poorly understood but in some taxa, they are thought to keep the body surface clear of algae, encrusting organisms, and other debris in conjunction with the ciliated epidermis present in all echinoderms.

What are the two functions of Pedicellariae?

The presumed functions of E. cordatum pedicellariae are (1) cleaning of the body surface and ciliary structures (trifoliates), (2) protection against sedimenting particles (tridactyles), and (3) defense of the peribuccal area against potential small predators (globiferous pedicellariae).

Do starfish have ossicles?

Ossicles are small calcareous elements embedded in the dermis of the body wall of echinoderms. They form part of the endoskeleton and provide rigidity and protection. They are found in different forms and arrangements in sea urchins, starfish, brittle stars, sea cucumbers, and crinoids.

What is the role of cardiac stomach in Asterias?

A sea star has 2 stomachs, the cardiac stomach and the pyloric stomach. It can push the cardiac stomach out of its mouth, in the centre of its underside, to engulf prey or insert it into prey (between 2 shells, for example). The stomach then secretes a powerful digestive enzyme to break down the prey.

What is Pentaradial?

Pentaradial symmetry is a type of radial symmetry, which is a characteristic of echinoderms, in which body parts are arranged along five rays of symmetry. It means the organism is in five parts around a central axis.

What are 5 characteristics of echinoderms?

Characteristics of Echinodermata

  • They have a star-like appearance and are spherical or elongated.
  • They are exclusively marine animals.
  • The organisms are spiny-skinned.
  • They exhibit organ system level of organization.
  • They are triploblastic and have a coelomic cavity.
  • The skeleton is made up of calcium carbonate.

Does a starfish have a respiratory system?

Sea stars don’t use gills or lungs to breathe. They rely on diffusion across surfaces in their body. For example, most oxygen is taken up from water that passes over their tube feet and papulae or skin gills.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to eating with an extendible stomach?

Advantages: As it moves it can keep eating. It moves out of the body to digest prey. It can release toxins to digest its prey easier. Disadvantages: While the stomach is out of the body the sea star is very vulnerable.

Do starfish have separate sexes?

Most adult starfish of other species do reproduce via a separate male and female. Females usually produce eggs that males fertilize in the seawater. At that point, the fertilized eggs develop and grow before becoming little starfish that will attach themselves to the substrate and start the whole process over again.

How many planes can divide a jellyfish into two symmetrical parts?

Biradial symmetry is an intermediate where the organism can be divided, like radial symmetry, but in two planes only. The Ctenophora phylum, or comb jellies, have a biradial body plan and many believe that this body plan is an evolutionary stepping-stone from radial to bilateral symmetry.

What is the function of pedicellaria in the deep sea?

Pedicellariae in some taxa, such as the deep-sea Brisingida, and the Antarctic Labidiaster are known to function in food capture. Four main forms of pedicellariae are found in sea urchins : tridactylous, ophicephalous, triphyllous and globiferous.

What kind of appendage is a pedicellaria?

Generalized pedicellaria of an (a) asteroid and (b) echinoid. A pedicellaria (plural: pedicellariae) is a small wrench- or claw-shaped appendage with movable jaws, called valves, commonly found on echinoderms (phylum Echinodermata), particularly in sea stars (class Asteroidea) and sea urchins (class Echinoidea).

Which is the most important function of a ribosome?

Ribosomes Definition “Ribosomes are most important cell organelles composed of RNA and protein that converts genetic code into chains of amino acids.” What are Ribosomes? A ribosome is a complex molecular machine found inside the living cells that produce proteins from amino acids during the process called protein synthesis or translation.

Is the pedicellaria a globigerous or venomous organism?

In some families, globigerous pedicellariae have evolved into venomous structures, used for protection or maybe hunting. This is particularly the case in the family Toxopneustidae, some species such as Tripneustes gratilla and especially Toxopneustes pileolus being extremely venomous.