Is the Glock 19 a good combat pistol?

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Is the Glock 19 a good combat pistol?

The Glock 19, or G19, is the epitome of the modern combat pistol. A medium-sized pistol, the G19 works well as a duty pistol for police officers, military service men and security guards. Yet, the gun is also sized just small enough to be very popular as a concealed carry pistol as well.

Which Glock is best for combat?

Glock 17 Gen 5 If you want a battle-tested, reliable weapon for home defense, look no further than the Glock 17. Used for law enforcement, military, self-defense, and competitive shooting, this gun can do it all.

Can civilians have a Glock 19?

The Army may have chosen Sig Sauer’s P320 for its Modular Handgun System program over Glock’s offerings, but that doesn’t mean you have to: Glock plans on releasing a civilian variant of its 9mm Glock 19 pistol to civilian buyers this month, the company announced today.

What military units use the Glock 19?

This pistol is used by the US Air Force Special Operations soldiers and Marine Corps special operations branch, known as MARSOC. Some sources report that recently the Glock 19 has been selected by the US Navy SEALs. It will replace the SIG Sauer P226, that was used by the SEALs for three decades.

Why is the Glock 19 so popular for concealed carry?

The Glock 19 is simply easier and more comfortable to carry concealed for longer periods of time than the large-framed, all-metal service handguns it has replaced in that role. Another reason, of course, is the 9mm Glock’s legendary reliability and durability in extremely hostile environments.

What are the specs for a Glock 19?

Glock 19 Gen 5 Specs: Caliber: 9x19mm. Length: 7.28”. Height: 5.04”. Width: 1.34”. Barrel: 4.02” – 1:9.84” RH twist – Blued. Trigger: 5 to 6.5 pounds. Sights: Polymer “U” dot configuration, rear adjustable (standard)

What is the best Glock handgun?

The Best Glock Pistols Glock 19. And the best Glock of all time is the Glock 19. G17. In the No. 2 slot we have the gun that started it all. G18. The Glock 18 is a full-auto 9mm machine pistol. G26. Released in 1995, shooters quickly dubbed the Glock 26 the “baby Glock.” It is a compact 9mm; one of the first guns like this to be designed specifically G43. In the No.

Is a Glock 19 reliable?

Practice and practice more your trigger and grip can be practiced into submission with nothing but dry fire practice on a regular basis. So far we have established that the Glock 19 is reliable, accurate and well sized for concealed carry.