Are hedgehogs easy to take care of?

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Are hedgehogs easy to take care of?

Some of the benefits of caring for hedgehogs is they are small and pretty easy to take care of. Unlike some animals, they have no dander to bother those with allergies. Hedgehogs are a ton of fun to play with, and once they are comfortable in their environment, they are quite friendly.

What kind of care do hedgehogs need?

Hedgehogs need environmental temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees. Keep your hedgehog’s cage away from drafts, direct sunlight, or cold areas. You may want to provide your hedgehog with a small warm spot in his cage where he can go to get warm but would also be able to get away from if he feels too warm.

Can you put hedgehogs in balls?

A large 12” Critter ball is a relatively safe way for hedgehogs to explore their surroundings. Most owners prefer the clear balls rather than the colored balls. The best way to introduce a hedgehog to the ball is to prop it in its cage so he/she can go into and out of it at will.

How do you calm a hedgehog?

Through Snuggle/Sleep Time

  1. One of the best and easiest ways to bond with your hedgehog is to simply hold your hedgehog on your lap for an hour or so while watching television or a movie.
  2. Don’t attempt to pet a shy hedgehog simply relax and come out on its own.

Do you need to take a hedgehog to the vet?

Like all pets, hedgehogs should be examined at least annually and should have their feces tested for parasites during each examination.

Can you let hedgehogs free roam?

Free roaming provides highly ample space for your hedgehog to explore and exercise. This may be especially beneficial for larger hedgehogs prone to obesity. Cageless hedgehogs are likely to be more active than caged hedgehogs. Extra freedom may allow your hedgehog’s personality to be expressed.

How often should I Clean my Hedgehog cage?

Hedgehogs’ cages should be spot-cleaned daily to keep them free of fecal contamination and leftover food debris, and thoroughly cleaned at least once a week by removing all of the bedding and replacing it with fresh bedding. Fresh food and water should be given daily.

What do you need to know about a hedgehog?

A hedgehog can be a wonderful addition for someone who wants a unique and entertaining pet. All the items your need to care for a pet hedgehog. All the foods required for a healthy and nutritious diet. Everything your pet needs to have a fun and safe home. Some of the more common health issues that could affect your pet.

When do I need to take my Hedgehog to the vet?

There are also many reputable breeders and pet stores that sell hedgehogs. To prevent medical problems from developing, all hedgehogs should have a check-up with a hedgehog-savvy veterinarian when they are first purchased or adopted and should have annual examinations after that.

How long does a African pygmy hedgehog live?

Hedgehogs as Pets. The African pygmy hedgehog is the most common type sold as pets. It can grow to be around six to nine inches long. Four to six years is a normal life span, but a pet hedgehog can live up to ten years. It is a solitary animal and should live alone. A hedgehog is a very active animal.