What does CTS stand for FDNY?

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What does CTS stand for FDNY?

FDNY’s Computerized Triage Software in action.

What hose does FDNY use?

134-inch hose
Response: FDNY uses 134-inch hose as its primary attack line in most situations. This size hose was introduced in the early 1970s and rapidly became the workhorse for structure fire operations.

Do FDNY fire marshals carry guns?

Fire marshals may carry a weapon, wear a badge, wear a uniform or plain clothes, can drive marked or unmarked cars, and make arrests pertaining to arson and related offenses, or, in other localities, may have duties entirely separate from law enforcement, including building- and fire-code-related inspections.

Are FDNY firefighters EMTs?

All of the Department’s Firefighters are trained as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Every time someone calls 911, they can expect either an Advanced Life Support fire engine with Firefighter/Paramedics or a Basic Life Support fire truck and a private ambulance to respond on scene.

How many Code 3 FDNY engines are there?

Code 3 FDNY Engines, Pumpers, Ladders and More… Code 3 FDNY Engines, Pumpers, Ladders and More… are 1/64th Scale with Unbelievable Detailing. They are more than just a Toy Truck. Firefighters and emergency personnel are the everyday heroes in America. They put their lives on the line in order to keep us safe.

How much money does a FDNY captain make?

However, after 5 years of service I plan on taking the Captains exam. If I score well enough to get promoted, I will receive a base pay raise of about 30,000 dollars a year and nearly 50,000 dollars a year at full pay (see chart).

How old do you have to be to become a FDNY firefighter?

If you want to become a FDNY Firefighter, you must meet eligibility requirements. You can start your process of becoming an FDNY Firefighter as early as 17 1/2 years of age. You should not reach your 29th birthday by the beginning of the application process. However, there are exceptions to this rule:

Why are Code 3 fire trucks so popular?

Code 3 Collectibles built its reputation on the high quality of its fire and emergency die cast. Their collectors have come to expect outstanding quality and incredible detail on their models. They also continuously strive to raise the bar on each new apparatus type that they release.