Can you get a Renault in the USA?

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Can you get a Renault in the USA?

You may be surprised to learn that French automobile manufacturers are nowhere to be found in the United States, the world’s second biggest market behind China, where the French also have little or no presence. Peugeot, Citroën (PSA group), and Renault no longer sell anything in the United States.

When did Renault leave the US?

The French brand last sold cars in the U.S. in 1991 but has recently confirmed plans to return by 2023. We imagined that there also might be French cars returning to America from Renault, if merger talks with FCA had been fruitful, but that ship has sailed for now.

Are Citroens sold in the US?

Citroën, Europe’s 2nd largest car manufacture, is no exception to such practices. It is for this reason that you can buy several current Citroën models today in the US.

Is Renault Duster available in USA?

Make the right choice, let us guide you!

Category Model – Data Sheet North American Equivalent
Compact SUV Dacia Duster 4X2 Kia Sportage
Compact SUV Dacia Duster 4X4 Hyundai Tucson
Family Minivan Renault Scénic Ford C-Max
Family SUV Renault Kadjar 4X2 Nissan Qashqai

Why is Renault not sold in America?

Renault’s presence in the U.S. market ended in 1992 when its rebadged Eagle Premier model was dropped by Chrysler. Today, Renault and Nissan are in a strategic alliance with the latter likely keeping the former from ever showing up stateside again.

Is Renault Zoe available in the US?

The Renault Zoe isn’t sold in the US, but it does share some DNA with the Nissan Leaf. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to see a freshened-up EV rock some new tech, and that’s the case with the latest update to Renault’s electric hatchback. Renault unveiled the new Zoe on Monday.

Why don’t they sell Renault in USA?

Is Zoe a car?

The Renault Zoe (sometimes stylized as ZOE and pronounced as “Zoey”) is a five-door supermini electric car produced by the French manufacturer Renault. Since 2013, the Zoe has been the all-time top selling all-electric car in the French market, with more than 100,000 units registered through June 2020.