Are there any former student athletes on HuffPost?

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Are there any former student athletes on HuffPost?

HuffPost’s former student-athletes share their collegiate sports experiences. As college students across the country head back to campus this month, thousands of student-athletes are also headed back to their on-campus gym.

What do student athletes learn from playing sports?

I had 6 a.m. weights, 8 a.m. classes that had to be done by 3 p.m., 3:45 p.m. practice that had to be done by 6 p.m. for dinner. Then it was study hall at 8 p.m., homework after study hall and bed by 12:30 a.m. or 1. I found myself getting sick a lot because of little sleep and it didn’t help that my coach and I didn’t really see eye to eye.

Is it worth it to be a student athlete?

Moreover, with unemployment among recent college graduates still high, that time spent in athletics is becoming increasingly valuable to students in need of real-world job experience. Love of sport be damned, the question must be asked: Are college sports worth it for student-athletes who have no hope of going pro.

Are there any student athletes who play professional football?

Sherman, however, plays football professionally. He made it, but he’s in the minority — thousands of student-athletes will play their hearts out this year and never receive a dime for it.

What kind of background does a college athlete have?

Most College Athletes Come From a multi-sport Background: A 2013 American Medical Society for Sports Medicine survey found that 88 percent of college athletes surveyed participated in more than one sport as a child

What are the three responsibilities of an athlete?

List and briefly describe three responsibilities of an athlete. The first responsibility is giving one’s best effort, which includes being fully present and giving maximum effort. Next is cooperation, which is being friendly to the opponents and following the direction of the officials.

How many high school athletes are multi sport?

Probably 95 percent [of our players] are multi-sport athletes. It’s always a bit strange to me if somebody is not playing other sports in high school.” Or in this interview with Tim Corbin, coach of NCAA Champion Vanderbilt Baseball, on why he chooses multi-sport athletes over single sport kids.

What makes a person an elite level athlete?

Here is what it says in a nutshell: To be an elite level player at a college or professional sport, you need a degree of exceptional athleticism. And the best medically, scientifically, and psychologically recommended way to develop such all around athleticism is ample free play and multiple sport participation as a child. Why?