Who is the current county commissioner of Bungoma?

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Who is the current county commissioner of Bungoma?

commissioner Samuel Kimiti
Bungoma County commissioner Samuel Kimiti.

Who is the Minister of Health in Bungoma County?

List Of Bungoma County Government Ministers (CECs) 2021

Ministry Minister (CEC)
7 Agriculture and Livestock Mathews Chirasha Wanjala Makanda
8 Education and Vocational Training Betty Mayeku
9 Health & Sanitation Anthony Thaddeus Walela
10 Trade & Industrialization Gregory Naulikha

Which Subcounty is Bungoma town?

This is a list of all sub-counties in Bungoma County. Bungoma is one of the 47 counties in Kenya which is located in the former Western Province and covers an area of 2,206.9km²….Sub County​​

Sub County​​
8 Webuye West
9 Mt Elgon

How old is Kenneth Lusaka?

57 years (September 18, 1963)
Kenneth Lusaka/Age

How many villages are in Bungoma County?

236 Village Units
Bungoma County is divided into 12 Sub-Counties, 45 Wards and 236 Village Units (Annex 7).

Which county number is Bungoma?

Bungoma County is one of the 47 Counties in Kenya and is divided into 9 sub-counties: namely Bumula, Kanduyi, Sirisia, Kabuchai, Kimilili Tongaren, Webuye West, Webuye East and Mt Elgon.

What is the work of village administrator?

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Ensure and co-ordinate the participation of the Village Unit in governance. Supervise development activities at the Village level. Monitor the implementation of policies at the Village level. Advise the Ward Administrator and Sub County Administrator on matters pertaining the Village.

How many sub counties are there in Bungoma County?

9 sub-counties
Bungoma County is one of the 47 Counties in Kenya and is divided into 9 sub-counties: namely Bumula, Kanduyi, Sirisia, Kabuchai, Kimilili Tongaren, Webuye West, Webuye East and Mt Elgon.

Who is Kenneth Lusaka in Kenya?

Kenneth Makelo Lusaka (born 18 September 1963) is the 2nd and current speaker of the Kenyan Senate. Previously, he served as the 1st Governor of Bungoma County in Kenya.

How many senators are in Kenya?

Senate of Kenya

The Senate
Seats 67
Political groups Government (34) Jubilee (34) Opposition(33) National Super Alliance (28) Independent (1) Other Parties (4)
Length of term 5 years

What is the salary of village administrator in Kenya?

Salary, allowances and other benefits for Village Administrators are as per the rates the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) prescribes. The minimum amount is KES 61,910 in gross pay and the maximum amount is KES 71,880 in gross pay. Gross pay includes both the basic pay and allowances.

What is Bungoma known for?

Bungoma county is sugar county, with one of the country’s largest sugar factories, as well as numerous small-holder sugar mills. Maize is also grown for subsistence, alongside pearl millet and sorghum. Dairy farming is widely practised, as well as the raising of poultry.

Who is the current governor of Bungoma County?

Currently, Kenneth Lusaka was the first Governor 2013 to 2017 followed by the county is headed by Dr Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati and deputised by Professor Charles Ngome. They took office in 2017 after Kenneth Lusaka the first Governor lost reelection second term reelection in 2017.

Who are some famous people from Bungoma County Kenya?

More recently, community members now have MPs drawn from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), the Party of National Unity (Kenya) (PNU), Ford-Kenya, and New-Ford-Kenya. Currently, notable political figures include Governor Wycliffe Wangamati, Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka, Senator Moses Wetangula, among others.

Where is the capital of Bungoma County Kenya?

Location in Kenya. Bungoma County is a county in the former Western Province of Kenya. Its capital is Bungoma or Bungoma Town. It has a population of 1,375,063 and an area of 2,069 km². In 2010, the neighbouring Mount Elgon District was eliminated and its lands merged with Bungoma District to form Bungoma County.

Where did the town of Bungoma get its name?

Bungoma is a town in Bungoma County of Kenya, bordered by Uganda in the west. Bungoma town was established as a trading centre in the early 20th century. The town is the headquarters of Kenya’s Bungoma County . Bungoma, was named from engoma—the Bukusu word for drums.