What is Springsteen song the rising about?

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What is Springsteen song the rising about?

what?” Thus, the song tells the story of a New York City Fire Department firefighter, climbing one of the World Trade Center towers after the hijacked planes had hit them during the September 11 attacks.

Is My city of ruins about 9 11?

The song took on a new meaning soon after the September 11 attacks, offering a message of hope and rising from the ruins. A studio recording of “My City of Ruins” was then incorporated as the concluding track of Springsteen’s September 11-themed, July 2002 album release The Rising.

Has Bruce Springsteen ever worked?

“The only honest work I’ve ever done in my entire life was at 14 or 15 when I was a lawn boy,” he told the crowd at the Beacon Theatre.

When did Bruce Springsteen release the rising?

July 30, 2002
The Rising/Release date

Who is Mary in Springsteen songs?

The “Mary” in this song is not a fictional creation but Springsteen’s own sister, Ginny. He narrates the song from the perspective of Ginny’s husband, who got her pregnant when she was only 18 and hurriedly married her and took a job in construction to support the family soon after.

Who wrote City of Ruins?

Bruce Springsteen
My City of Ruins/Lyricists

Who is Bruce Springsteen married to?

Patti Scialfam. 1991
Julianne Phillipsm. 1985–1989
Bruce Springsteen/Spouse

What is the meaning of the song the rising by Bruce Springsteen?

About “The Rising”. This song, “The Rising” is off of Bruce Springsteen’s 2002 album also titled The Rising. It’s one of the two songs from the record (the other being “Into The Fire”) dedicated to the firemen who risked or lost their lives saving innocent people in the twin towers on 9/11.

How many albums did Bruce Springsteen release?

Overall, Springsteen has released 19 studio albums, 70 singles, 8 extended plays, 23 live albums, 7 box sets, 8 compilation albums, 59 music videos and 17 home videos.

Who sings the song Bruce Springsteen?

“. For You ” is a song written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen in 1972 for his debut album Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J., released in 1973. It was later included on the compilation album The Essential Bruce Springsteen. The song has been covered by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, The Format, and Greg Kihn .